And another pyrrhic victory for parents


I'll tell you what to do and when to do it, so STFU

I’ll tell you what to do and when to do it, so STFU

Responding to parent dissatisfaction, the BOE voted to reinstate the full five-day winter vacation for next year. It’s not a long lived victory, though, because as of 2016 Hartford, rather than local towns, will schedule vacations. Why let ignorant parents decide these things when we have experts available to decide for them?


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7 responses to “And another pyrrhic victory for parents

  1. Cos Cobber

    Another campaign promise for the teachers union honored by your democratic party representatives. More good legislation, right FF?

  2. Anonymous

    just ignore the legislation. seriously, what is hartford going to do? send out the national guard to round up the truants? send out special agents to vail, okemo, and the caribbean to round up families?

    it’s well past time to start giving the national socialists in hartford the finger.

  3. NoGolfToday

    Does this mean if I want to chase Steph ’round Saline I will have to pay XMAS rates in SBH?

  4. Anonymous

    My favorite part of the report was the quote from the Chair of the Board Of Education, Barbara O’Neil, a former union teacher for 32 years—-that she hopes in the future that no stink’n survey based on PARENTS opinion is used—no all that matters is the UNION opinion from Administrators, UNION opinion of teachers, and PTA Council who are pathetically intertwined with both.