Board of Education plays delaying game on racial redistricting

Childish sport

Child’s play

Vote 7-1 in favor of submitting a racial balancing plan that will do nothing except kick the can down the road. I understand that sentiment, but cheers to the sole dissenting BOE member, Peter Von Braun (for whom I’ve had a mostly critical view of until recently) for stating that the Emperor has no clothes.

“I find that the racial-balance law has no educational virtue whatsoever and that we should focus on improving the educational achievement of the minority kids in the community and not perpetuate the silliness of thinking that moving kids on a percentage basis is going to have any benefit whatsoever,” he said.

“I find that irrelevant to the document presented to the board,” replied Jennifer Dayton, the board’s vice chairman. “I do not find mention of that. I’d like to know if you could please point out in the document where you see that discrepancy.”

“I find the whole process defines the intent that I discussed,” von Braun responded.

And while we’re praising men of principle, here’s to someone I don’t know, but admire:

Harry Fisher, a former Board of Estimate and Taxation member and the father of a Greenwich High School sophomore, argued for a more combative approach.

“I think it’s time to stand up to the state and just say no,” he said. “This does nothing for achievement. Moving kids around does nothing for achievement. We should put achievement first. We should concentrate on those aspects that bring achievement and forget about the arbitrary nature of racial balance.”


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8 responses to “Board of Education plays delaying game on racial redistricting

  1. Anonymous

    Ah, this is not about kicking the can down the road—its the justification for the construction of the New Lebanon School….how this resolves the Racial Balance….well, that can be figured out later.

    All other options will now be officially off the table including redrawing the district lines for better balancing of schools among NL, Hamilton, North Street, and Parkway. Everyone knows North and Parkway are half full—and guess what, will apparently remain so.

    • Riverside resident

      Don’t be surprised people. You elected
      Erickson who everyone knows is Leslie Moriarity’s puppet. It’s embarrassing. The DEMS ( if that is what Erickson is this month ) had the opportunity to support Ospina and Sherr but Erickson orchestrated a deal with Oneal that Moriarty wanted desperately. It’s all about keeping Moriarity in the loop. She can’t let go and Erickson helps her ( at Ospina’s expense .)

      • Democrat

        I have a suggestion for Erickson and Dayton….. Instead of devoting countless hours on the phone politicking try and devote some time on BOE issues. Erickson should at least pretend she gives a shit. She is already gearing up for a BET position in 4 years. And everyone knows it.

      • Riverside Resident is 100% correct.

  2. Riverslide

    Regarding the second person you quote above, I wouldn’t be so quick to “admire” the whole person. His quote is admirable; the rest of him is certainly debatable, at best.

  3. Once

    Get Harry Fisher on the BOE. He is dead on. Why is it not taking into consideration that as the kiddies progress into middle school they mix a little more and at the high school they are one big happy diversified family where the ghetto kids are free to disrupt the class and hold back everyone, not just each other.

  4. Anonymous

    Where is our hero Peter Scherr. Oh I forgot, he useless.

  5. Parson

    I just can’t believe that 7 people actually voted for this. Besides not making educational sense, what’s the real point? Kudos to von Braun but shame on the rest and shame on either the voters or the way these candidates are elected.