Dissatisfied with the minimum wage? Try a little self-help

Counting chickens while they hatch

Counting chickens as they hatch

Georgia school cafeteria cashier stole $1.35+ million over her career.

An estimated $500 a day, every day, for 15-20 years while manning a cash-only, registerless cafeteria line. That’s probably inappropriate behavior, but someone explain to me how administrators didn’t notice the theft for twenty years?

I wonder what else is going on at that school.


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14 responses to “Dissatisfied with the minimum wage? Try a little self-help

  1. LMNOP

    The stupidity seems to extend to how the IRS didn’t know. Or the State of Georgia tax department. And any bank that might have seen regular cash deposits. She had a 5600 SF house that she was paying for and if she applied for a mortgage she’d have to supply 1040s. The whole scene stinks. I bet more heads than hers will roll.

  2. Peg

    ” I bet more heads than hers will roll.”

    Not sure you kids should be betting on this. More and more, we simply have a thuggish government. It goes after enemies for virtually fabricated “illegal” behavior. It ignores gross criminal activity (see above) by “pals.”

    Check out law prof Glenn Reynolds (aka “instapundit”) on this phenomenon:


  3. Anonymous

    one wonders what the other administrators were stealing.

    more government evil.

  4. Yos

    With Peg. It’s right out in the open.

    So the question to our Leftie friends ought to be… are you, too, on the take or are you merely a puppet?

  5. Mazama

    Several years ago it was discovered that drivers of the Seattle Monorail – a short “train of the future” from left over from the 1962 World’s Fair that thousands of visitors and close-in commuters ride daily – had pocketed thousands of dollars a day for years (decades?) until a new city accountant (who probably rode the train) finally asked why more money wasn’t being turned in.

    But I’ve seen banks and businesses miss similar pilfering as well…

    And the Feds did finally catch the Lufthansa Airline heisters, right? Just no money.

  6. Cos Cobber

    They didn’t notice because they didn’t care. Its probably that simple. Lazy, indifferent, entitled and entrenched are the chronic problems of the union/non free market model.

    I’m not saying we need free market schools, just saying that this is the kind of crap more likely to occur in the non free market model.

    PS – for example – how much “leakage” does the Metro North experience with pocketed fares….we’ll never know.

  7. LMNOP

    I meant to add “sarcasm” for my last two sentences. I was being facetious that heads would roll.

    As others have expressed, it’s business as usual. Philly too. This guy is probably the rule not the exception:

    • housecat

      LM: have noticed via another comment thread that sarcasm is apparently sailing over people’s heads today. Too many hot toddies will do that…

  8. housecat

    Granted it’s a mugshot, but the perp looks mean enough to chew through nails. Have you ever noticed how the office bully gets away with everything short of murder, regardless of workplace?

  9. Anonymous

    And, doesn’t this prove yet again—we don’t need new laws—just enforce the ones you have.

  10. Fred2

    “And, doesn’t this prove yet again—we don’t need new laws—just enforce the ones you have.”

    Better, repeal most of the laws, then enforce the ones that are left – impartially. Right now we have lots of laws so we get to choose what to enforce.

  11. Libertarian Advocate

    Is that graphic from an old Jonathan Winters skit? Now HE was a genuine talent.