If driving proficiency were a requirement, our realtor ranks would drop by (at least) half


Collateral damage in the war for listings

Collateral damage

Massachusetts: Real estate agent who ran stop sign and smashed into ambulance charged with negligent homicide.  Just like the caution to never get between Dick Blumenthal and a camera, a realtor on her way to grab a listing is a very determined animal.


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3 responses to “If driving proficiency were a requirement, our realtor ranks would drop by (at least) half

  1. anonymouse

    I’m not a litigious person by nature but in this instance I hope the family of Karen Scott sues the pants off speedy little Miss Mercedes. I am curious though, how could a Mercedes impact a heavy ambulance enough for a passenger to be killed? I wonder if she wasn’t strapped in, just sitting up. The article said she was only coming back from dialysis so chances are she wasn’t lying down. I don’t know ambulance protocol. I bet there’s more to this story.

    • Anonymous

      if you watch the video of the crash, the ambulance completely rolled over so wouldn’t matter whether patient was lying down or sitting…it’s still an amazing accident, the speed of the ambulance was a contributing factor and the car hit at precisely the right spot to cause it to flip…if the car struck a few inches further up its body, the ambulance woudn’t have flipped

  2. Cos Cobber

    And in other news, the dems on the BET managed to plant this story in Bloomberg.


    I’m sure it was FF himself who sent the pool photo. The truth is, the town probably needs to step up on long term capital projects. What pisses me off however is this idea that we should bother with a pool in Byram. The town doesn’t need a pool. The Byram pool/swamp/eyesore should be filled in and that’s it. We have several non profits who run pools already. If we are going to do some short term borrowing to accelerate maintenance of long term assets, then it should be for select bridges/roads/school buildings that really matter.

    One idea would be to move the BOE to someplace else and sell their building for redevelopment. Its a very valuable location that should be generating property taxes, substantial property taxes. Meanwhile on the periphery of town we have several office buildings that are unable to find tenants for their space. The BOE could lock in a reasonable long term lease on said peripheral space. BOE rent expense would increase, but maint on an aging structure would partially offset the new costs. Plus, the town would have a net gain by repositioning the Gwich Ave location to a taxable use.