Sales reported

I’m paying someone to redesign my blog site so I can have real, non-expiring links, and that should be up and running soon. Until then, the old MLS site is still (until Feb. 1, I believe) still operating, so here’s a link to all four sales.

19 Hendrie Ln

19 Hendrie Ln

19 Hendrie Lane (that little dead end off Hendrie Avenue, across from Eastern Middle School), sold for $1.330 million. Not much of a house but, for Riverside, not much of a price, so this makes sense. Sold in a bidding war in 2004 for $1.111 on an asking price of $995,000 – not much price movement since, and no bidding war.

2 Roberta Lane

2 Roberta Lane

On the other hand, 2 Roberta Lane did generate a bidding war this year, and sold for $2.150 million; $1.895 original ask. Down a steep hill from North Street, absolutely no usable yard, but very nicely finished inside. Obviously, that combination appealed to several would-be buyers; go figure.

19 Crescent Rd

19 Crescent Rd

19 Crescent, Riverside, $2.3 million, sold for $2.225 in 2008. Highway noise, nice street.

22 Perkins Rd

22 Perkins Rd

And my favorite, 22 Perkins Road sold for $4.150 million after originally asking $7.350 (what do you bet that the Greenwich Time real estate expert will report exultantly that it sold for “almost its full asking price!” ?). I wrote about this last fall when it had dropped to what proved to be its final asking price of $4.550, and detailed its charms and drawbacks then, so check that link for the discussion. At the time, I noted that the owners had paid $5 million for it and poured a lot of money into partially renovating it. I opined that $3.5 million would be an absolute steal but that $4.6 was still too high. $4.150 sounds just about right.


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  1. Walt

    Dude –
    You are paying someone to redesign your blog? Where are you getting the money? And “redesign” implies you have a design to begin with, which you don’t. It’s incomprehensible jibberish with a static masthead. You call that style? You heathen.

    Design requires an artistic eye, a keen sense of what appeals to the unwashed masses, and an overall creative flair. ALL OF WHICH YOU LACK YOU FRIGGING CAVEMAN!! You need someone in touch with their inner self, comfortable with their feminine side. LIKE ME YOU FRIGGING LOSER!!

    I envision some dirt news, some general interest stuff, a Greenwich Happenings section, a make fun of Francis Forum, maybe an “Abducted By Aliens” section for AJ, and some soft core porn. Maybe a lot of soft core porn. So people can look at something when you hit a writer’s block, which is pretty much every day.

    And we do a multi-media tie in. You Tube Videos, radio, and a twatter campaign.

    The things I do for you, you frigging loser. I will start working on a concept paper. You set the meeting.
    Don’t screw it up.
    Your Pal,

  2. ShedLessToolMan

    that perkins sure is a looker..

  3. Rivman

    Was Crescent being rented? I noticed there was nothing on the bookshelves.

  4. observer

    I don’t get Hendrie. Full of cracker boxes on postage stamp lots, and miserable 50s architecture.