The difference is that Amy Winehouse could sing, and lived until 28

REHAB_Dan_Morrell_REMIXJustine Bieber is partying with his drug-addict/alcoholic father and refusing to go to rehab. He’s 19 – no way he makes it nine more years.


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12 responses to “The difference is that Amy Winehouse could sing, and lived until 28

  1. LAK

    Celebrity death pools (Im not in one, wish I was)…
    Lindsay Lohan
    Charlie Sheen
    Justin Bieber
    Who else??
    Big money if youre in a death pool!

  2. to know the biebs is to love the biebs

  3. housecat

    If he weren’t a total d***head, this trainwreck would actually be sad.

  4. NoGolfToday

    Scooter (Scott Braun)
    Graduated GHS in ’99
    Dropped out of college
    Found beiber on you tube
    Somehow got justin to meet with Usher…
    Needless to say…scooter is a multi millionaire

    That kid used to think I had the cool car
    Now he cooks with Opus 1

    • anon

      Usher was asked yesterday about his protégé. His response was predictable, that Bieber just needed time to grow up.

      The scenario is always the same: marginally talented kid discovered, leaves east bumfuck hometown to become a star, quickly grows to love the money and the entourage, becomes entitled, addicted to drugs, gets arrested, but is still adored by fans. Rinse and repeat.

    • housecat

      Please thank little Scooter for inflicting his little discovery onto the hearing population.

  5. AJ

    Forget about the Beibs: Willow Smith is the Fireball.

  6. Walt

    Dude –
    You can’t even discuss Amy Winehouse and the Beibster in the same sentence. Amy was a walking train wreck, but she was an incredible talent. And even though I am not a fan of the tattoos, I must admit I would have popped her. Watch this:

    Beibster is a no talent hack wigger. Is it possible you two are related? Just fucking with you Dude!!

    And can I submit my picks for the celebrity death pool? I am going with John Lennon, Bob Hope, George Carlin, and Tiny Tim. The one who played the ukulele and got married on the Tonight show. Not the crippled kid from “A Christmas Carol”. That would be cheating.

    Your Pal,