LEDs – the next battle in house wars?

The art of darkness

The art of darkness

I mentioned this before, but as incandescent bulbs disappear and are replaced by $20 LEDs, I’d think that who gets the pricey new bulbs  – seller or owner – will become an issue in contract negotiations. A large house might have 200 or so bulbs, and at $20 a pop, that’s a substantial amount of money. Sellers have been known to take 20¢ rolls of toilet paper with them when they go; how much more likely that they’ll be tempted to keep $4,000 worth of illumination?

Just asking.


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18 responses to “LEDs – the next battle in house wars?

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    I found a pretty good brand with high lumens to wattage ratio and tolerable light spectrum. TCP dimmable LEDs.

  2. Anonymous

    I stopped replacing bulbs in rentals last year. Usually did it as a courtesy. No more. Now only exterior lighting.

  3. Publius


    I would posit that most homeowners with lots of lights in their houses, like those in Greenwich, are in the dark as to the cost of an LED bulb and are most likely in the dark that incandescent bulbs are going the way of the dodo. Do you think the average Riverside resident or mid-country North Street resident is spending time in Greenwich Hardware weighing the cost of various bulb replacement options???

    How many people does it take to change a light bulb in a Greenwich residence ( CF excluded)?

    Answer: 4

    The wife to whine about it
    The husband to call the electrician
    The electrician who bills @ $100/hr to change the bulb
    The accountant/assistant whom pays the bills and doesn’t bat an eyelash when the bill from the electrician for a couple thousand dollars comes across the desk

    While I don’t disagree that sellers of real estate are often dysfunctional when it comes to items in the house they choose to value highly, I am not certain current homeowners have a clue about things like this. I am sure you will correct me next time a client of yours sues the selling homeowner for absconding with a bunch of $45 LED bulbs

    • Rusty

      Too funny. I just moved to mid-country earlier this year. After my first $550 electric bill, I looked into LEDs. After spending way too much time looking into this, I’ve concluded that it would be better to buy CL&P stock. Phillips makes a decent A19 (conventional bulb) for around $13 but the overhead floods (PAR38? BR40?) are horrible (light quality/low light dispersion) and cost around $35+. Given that these have a 7+ year breakeven (if they don’t fail prematurely), I’ve decided to wait until the price comes down and the technology improves. If you are buying these, I would caution that you should look at the 2700k (warm white) versions first as 3000k and above bulbs seem too intense and/or give off a slight blue hue.

      • Distressed

        HD was having a special on the CREE recessed flood lights. Think they were $10 and they look good.

      • NoGolfToday

        550 is nothing….
        My last place (which was a rental thank goodness)
        Was all electric…and winter time bills got very close to 1000
        And that was for 1900 sq.ft
        I’m sure in mid country you have at least 4000

  4. InfoDiva

    You guys are shopping in the wrong places. LED retrofits (120 watt-equivalent) for high hat cans are $13 at Costco after a $10 CL&P rebate. Individual 60-watt equivalent bulbs were $7.99 yesterday. And the prices are only going down.

    Great light, instant on, no heat gain during the summer, and my electric bill is half of what it used to be.

  5. Responsibility of the lamps lies with the person paying the electric bill, if that is the tenant then the lamps go with them when they leave. If you are a landlord who pays the electric the lamps become part of the security deposit and get checked at lease termination. Commercial tenants have programs through the bill to get higher quality LEDs (better than whats available to the public at a wholesale club) at a cheaper price. If you are in NYC or Westchester County I can make this happen for you as it is my job 🙂

  6. Walt

    Dude –
    Light bulbs, and dead birds, and the Norwegian Ambassador? This is the best you got? AFTER YOU WERE COVERED BY THE GRAY LADY FOR CHRIST’S SAKE!!

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    • Peg

      Walt; you reptile. CF probably ONLY put this post in about the bulbs so the dim bulbs that normally read the New York Times appreciate that he is not a total libertarian dork.

      Anyway – here in the hinterlands, almost everything is shut down. Not only can’t the kids go to school in minus 40 windchill – no one wants to put their home on the market, either. Soon, I may have to occupy CF’s guestroom….

      How’s his bridge game? Think we can get another pair? (And I am talking BRIDGE; clean up that filthy mind of yours, Walt!)

  7. AndyD

    The Phillips LED wifi bulbs compatible with the iPhone app (HUE, $25-30/bulb) are expensive but absolutely awesome. They can go to any color in the spectrum and the app can simulate the sun rising in your living room, beach scenes, a forest, whatever. You can wake up to a gradual sun rise if you want. My 3-year old daughter thinks I’m a magician.

  8. Joey

    interesting Andy D. You are certainly free to buy $199 light bulbs but I am not sure I would tell anyone about it.

  9. In Germany it’s customary for the seller to strip the house bare, right down to removing the oven racks. Pity the first time buyers.

  10. Cos Cobber

    Huh, life imitating the movies…glad it was resolved with the force of the law


  11. Zoommee

    I think the real issue will be not the owners trying to keep the bulbs, but more the owners being completely obvlious to the fact that the bulbs are worth something, and the real estate agents swiping the bulbs and then fencing them on eBay. Lets face it, ambulance and funeral home, and some CT State Troopers already practice a version of this sort of theft. With the morals and background of most real estate “Professionals” I see a clear opportunity for realtors to get into the shady and dangerous works of black market LED bulbs.
    By the way, I live in Greenwich, and I actually shopped at IKEA this past weekend they have nice 40 Watt bulbs there for $6,59. So as is the case with realtors, the one writing this blog exaggerates the price up to $20.00.