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Would you order a cup of Calliphora Vomitoria?



Or more prosaically, “blue bottle fly”?

The blue bottle fly or bottlebee (Calliphora vomitoria) is a common blow-fly found in most areas of the world and is the type species for the genus Calliphora.[2] Similar species include the green bottle fly, a close relative that can be distinguished by its bright green metallic colouring. Blue bottle fly adults feed on nectar, while the larvae feed on carcasses of dead animals. Adults are also pollinators to some flowers with strong odor.

 Business Insider says that “Blue Bottle Coffee” is a hot new coffee company that techies with too much money on their hands are investing in. I’m sure it’s a fine brew, and perhaps San Francisco residents don’t know what a blue bottle fly is, but if this venture expands across the country, I think it will run into consumer resistance from those who do.

But maybe not – “Jersey Shore” was a hit, so the American public seems open to ingesting all sorts of disgusting swill.



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That’s too bad

Hundreds of Patch.com sites shut down and people fired. Hardly sudden news, but there were a number of good reporters who’d found a limited shelter there and I’m sorry to see them lose what little income Patch could provide.

That said, I always thought their reach exceeded their grasp. A friend suggested what might work, an online site that covered real estate, arrests and obituaries only. Toss in local high school sports coverage with material posted by the proud parents, persuade an ex-but-still-connected politico to dish out gossip on his former colleagues and bingo – a modern newspaper that might draw enough readers and sell enough ads to survive.




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They aren’t there to lead discussion groups on Proust, you dummies

N.O.W. Cheerleader team warm ups

N.O.W. Cheerleader Team warms up

Feminists denounce Oakland Raiders’ cheerleader manual as “sexist”. Cheerleaders  are about sex, nothing else. You want a manual on empowerment instead? Advanced calculus? Nuclear science? Have these shocked feminists ever seen a cheerleaders’ outfit? Have they ever wondered why the girls aren’t dressed in baggy sweats? Why there are no gay men leading the cheers (except in San Francisco)?  Call Captain Renault, there’s gambling going on.


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Two new Riverside Listings

Continuing to seek new heights, 17 Hendrie Avenue and 15 Field Road, both in Riverside.

17 Hendrie Avene

17 Hendrie Avene

17 Hendrie was sold new in 2005 for $3,330 in 2005, again in 2007 for $3.775 and is now asking $4.195. Your call.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 4.06.28 PM


15 Field Road

15 Field Road

15 Field Road was built new in 2012 and is on the market for I believe the first time, asking $3.525. Field is a much nicer street (quieter) than Hendrie so all things being equal, I’d prefer it. But I haven’t seen the houses to compare them – open houses are tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 4.02.59 PM


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Something stinks here

Quick, Walt, pull my finger!

Quick, Walt, pull my finger!

Obama’s high school drug dealer beaten to death by his gay lover over drugs and farts.

Opera singer can no longer work because of uncontrollable flatulence.

Farmer’s barn explodes when 90 farting cows let loose.



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Well, at least he builds a nice house

Aboard HMS Raging Queen, Luigi Van Leewuen scouts for poor people to run over

Aboard HMS Raging Queen, Luigi Van Leeuwen scouts for poor people to run over

Greenwich Construction head Louis Van Leeuwan goes orgasmic over that old commie, Pete Seeger

Awesome. It’s the only word Louis Van Leeuwen can find to describe it.

“It was Pete Seeger,” he said, thinking back on the day in 2005 when he was there at Greenwich Reform Synagogue to hear a performance by the iconic folk singer, who died in a Manhattan hospital bed Monday at the age of 94.

“What can I say?” Van Leeuwen, who is 70, said. “`Awesome’ is the word. Who couldn’t be a fan of his, particularly when you’re my age. … I grew up with him. He was the embodiment of everything we stood for in the ’60s.”

In Greenwich nine years ago, Seeger performed his song “Embers of the Martyrs” at the synagogue’s annual Holocaust Remembrance Day to mark the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II.

Seeger, wearing a yarmulke, strummed a guitar and sang, “We are here to build and to say: The martyrs’ ashes circle all the world now and we, yes we will find a way.”

The lyrics are from a poem originally written in Yiddish.

Van Leeuwen, who was a member of the synagogue at the time, said the performance, like the man who gave it, was full of soul.

“He was a true `mensch,'” said Van Leeuwen, who lives in Riverside and owns Greenwich Construction. “It’s a Yiddish word that means that you’re a real person. It’s hard to translate some of these words, but when you’re a real human being, you’re a real `mensch.'”

Luigi is a mensch – Seeger was a Stalinist tool. Next time I’m out fishing with Louis on his 98′ Hinkley , I’ll point that out to him.

(Fortunately for homeowners, Louis is a far better builder than political thinker, and you’d be well served consulting him for construction projects or, one of his sidelines when he isn’t humming kumbaya around the campfire and baying at the moon, Generac Generator installations).


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How the hell would I know?

If you have to ask, Barry, ...

If you have to ask, Barry, …

A reader asks what the current initiation fee is for the Greenwich Country Club. Not my sport and certainly not my social circle, but I’m confident the wealthy FWIW reader base will know – Cos Cobber? Walt?  Bueller? For that matter, if you care to, how about supplying initiation fees for the other clubs in town?


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In a bold attempt to get back on cable, the Weather Channel merges with World Wrestling

Jim Cantore delivers perfect body block.


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The libs should welcome this

Look how the bullets make them dance!

Look how the bullets make them dance!

As killer drugs are withdrawn from the market, lawmakers want to return to executions by firing squads. I’m against the death penalty, personally, as currently applied because it costs millions to fund the appeals and delays final justice for decades – slam the miscreant into solitary for the rest of his natural life and forget about him. But the Left’s two favorite icons, Che and Fidel, loved firing squads, often participating in them personally. If it was good enough for Castro it’ll be good enough for me, oh gimme that ol’ time religion, gimme that ol’time religion ….

Brunswick graduate Cole Stangler was unavailable for comment.


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Someone’s finally stepped up to the plate

House of Usher

Manderley West

3 Cherry Blossom Lane, an unfinished spec house on the Banksville line asking $3.2 million, reports a pending contract. I’ve lost track of who owns this place – Antares had it, then developer Greg Silver, now maybe the bank? But it was no home run. Back in the day – 2008 – it was listed for $7.995 million, a price that presumably anticipated the house being completed but it didn’t sell, nor was it finished, and it’s been languishing since, through a series of price cuts.

I don’t know whether there’s anything salvageable here after it’s sat empty for six years, but that’s what building engineers are for. I’d always figured the land was worth around $1 million and the house was worth nothing, but I tend to be pessimistic about the value of abandoned houses in far distant locations. Someone has probably disagreed with my assessment, and good for him.


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She’s either being far too modest or far too honest


And stay out!

And stay out!

Greenwich Representative Livvy Floren retiring from state legislature, says “l will miss the intellectual stimulation and my colleagues.”

Maybe she can vacation in China with Max Baucus.


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Civil disobedience

Connecticut gun owners refuse to register their “assault” rifles and ammunition magazines. Considering that the first thing New York did after forcing registration was to move to confiscate them, gun owners in the Nutmeg State seem to have learned from their neighbors’ experience.

StupidApproximately 50,000 “assault weapons” were registered and about 40,000 residents declared their large capacity magazine clips by the Dec. 31 deadline, in accordance with the law that Gov. Dannel P. Malloy signed in May of last year. Those numbers are far lower than estimates the state received in a 2011 report from the Office of Legislative Research.

“Based on Connecticut’s percentage of National Instant Criminal Background Check System checks in the Unites States, NSSF estimated that the number of firearms owned by Connecticut residents is about three million. About one million of these firearms are handguns, of which 21%, or 231,000 use large capacity magazines. About 1.2 million are rifles, of which 30%, or 372,000 use large capacity magazines. Assuming four magazines owned for every firearm (assuming every firearm comes standard with at least two magazines), NSSF asserts there are over 2.4 million large capacity magazines in Connecticut that originated at the retail level. The NSSF final figure is larger than this because it counts firearms already in the state and those not purchased at the retail level.”


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Norway, Hungary aren’t important, but China?

They like dogs, I like dogs, what's to know?

They like dogs, I like dogs, what’s to know?

Obama’s appointment of retiring Max Baucus (D.Montana) to be our ambassador to China was done to preserve the Democrat majority in the Senate, but who will be representing our interests? A man who admits that “I’m no expert on China.”

That’s an understatement. A friend of mine who used to report on Montana political news tells me that among reporters in that state, Baucus was considered the dumbest Senator in Washington, and they’d follow him around just waiting for his next bone-head statement. “Joe Biden’s a genius, compared to Max”, she says.

We’ve got a nuclear-armed North Korea, led by a mad man, a simmering feud between China and Japan over hegemony in the East China Sea, and a few issues about the trading practices of a large nation, yet Obama sends the class clown over there to keep an eye on things. Usually, our presidents send unqualified campaign donors and politicians owed favors to obscure, insignificant countries like France, where they can do no harm. Presumably Senator Baucus demanded more than that if he’d agree to step down now so his party could get an incumbent in place before the upcoming election. Obama was happy to oblige because, after all, which is more important, U.S. national interest or the success of the Democratic Party?

We’ve now got a Kennedy kid in Japan and a retard in China – this is the “smart diplomacy” Obama promised. Whoo boy.


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Way cool

How DO they keep those slim bodies?

How DO they keep those slim bodies?

Do you remember when the NYT, after the Messiah ascended the throne yet the unemployment rate remained stubbornly high, stopped depicting the suffering of Bush’s victims and switched instead to articles celebrating the unleashing of creativity among people with free time (i.e., no jobs) on their hands? We were regaled with stories of folks turning to pottery, weaving, painting – canvas, not houses – and macramé. “Thank you, Obama!

Over in Europe, “scientists” are now deploying to reassure the masses that suffering is good for them. Faced with soaring heating bills due to the greens’ insistence on  “alternative energy” sources, the people are unhappy, but here come the experts to proclaim, “shivering will help you lose weight!”

Scientists claim you can shiver yourself slim simply by turning the heating down.

Most houses in the winter are heated to around 21C [70] but researchers at Maastricht University Medical Centre advise turning the thermostat down to between 15C  [59] and 17C for a few hours a day.

Experts claim that because we spend so much time indoors, often in overheated homes and offices, our bodies do not naturally burn calories to keep warm.

It is a trend which has crept up on us over the past century as we have become more adept at controlling the temperature in our surroundings. [the reporter means central heating]

But temperatures closer to what it is like outside might be more beneficial to health.

Simply being colder raises the metabolic rate – the speed at which calories are burnt – by 30pc, and shivering can burn around 400 calories an hour as it increases the metabolic rate fivefold.

Researchers say although shivering can feel uncomfortable, lowering the temperature so you just feel chilly might be an easy option for people who struggle to keep up diets and exercise regimes.

Good heavens, what’s next, demanding that we give up lightbulbs and toilet paper? Oh – wait a minute …

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Would he lie to us?

Next in Line

To ruin your morning: Joe Biden is next in the line of succession

Gee, you wouldn’t think so, but apparently he gave a State of the Union address last night, in which he claimed this:

Obama said early in his address that there is now more “oil produced at home than we buy from the rest of the world,” for the first time in two decades. “The all-of-the-above energy strategy I announced a few years ago is working, and today, America is closer to energy independence than we’ve been in decades,” he said.

He cited the increase in natural gas production in the U.S. as one reason for this shift. “If extracted safely, it’s the bridge fuel that can power our economy with less of the carbon pollution that causes climate change,” he said.

He promised to “cut red tape” to help spur the construction of natural-gas-powered factories and fueling stations for cars and trucks. “My administration will keep working with the industry to sustain production and job growth while strengthening protection of our air, our water, and our communities,” he said.

What the Liar in Chief omitted from that boast about increased production of fossil fuels is that the new production came about entirely on private lands, mostly through (gasp) fracking. Obama doesn’t control private land, yet. On federal land, his policies have cut production at an accelerating pace. As an aside, he made no mention of the Keystone pipeline, except to hint that he’ll keep opposing it.

Here are statistics compiled and published by the United States Government:

Crude Oil: Down 5% between 2011 and 2012 (15% from 2010); natural gas, down 7%, 2011-2012; offshore oil, down 19%, 2011-2012.

Oil production on private land is up 15%,no thanks to, in fact despite of Obama.

I wonder if there were any other untruths uttered in last night’s speech? I didn’t listen, but I read that he vowed to close Guantanamo “right rondo”, which will come as a relief – I remember when the ol’ Debbil Bush promised to shut it down just as soon as he took office and, five years on, he still hadn’t done it. Now that we have a new president, we’ll see justice at last.


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Billions of people do (do), but so far, the greens haven’t forced us to do do too

Flushed with success - Mikala Earley and her idiot boyfriend celebrate saving $90 a year on TP

Flushed with success – Mikala Earley and her idiot boyfriend celebrate saving $90 a year on TP

Can one live without toilet paper? Green people are doing so, all to save the planet. If they follow their typical behavior, they’ll soon turn their attention to the rest of us.

These women say living without toilet paper has not only saved money, but it is also environmentally friendlier, since the production of toilet paper involves the destruction of thousands of trees.

What’s more, the chlorine dioxide used to bleach the paper, which can be considered an environmental hazard, then gets into the sewage system and can apparently pollute the water.

‘It is definitely possible,’ insists Mikala, who says she and her husband stopped using toilet paper about a year ago. ‘It is almost seen as a necessity [and] it doesn’t have to be, and it’s been a lot of fun to learn how to do it this way.’
Instead of paper, they used flannel cloths which they kept in a box by the toilet, and would put in the washing machine every two to three days, which meant they ‘didn’t notice any smell at all’.

When they’re out of the house, however, things can get tricky. ‘It’s kind of hard to take it with you or it’s all dirty and it’s in the washing machine,’ she says.


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