Norway, Hungary aren’t important, but China?

They like dogs, I like dogs, what's to know?

They like dogs, I like dogs, what’s to know?

Obama’s appointment of retiring Max Baucus (D.Montana) to be our ambassador to China was done to preserve the Democrat majority in the Senate, but who will be representing our interests? A man who admits that “I’m no expert on China.”

That’s an understatement. A friend of mine who used to report on Montana political news tells me that among reporters in that state, Baucus was considered the dumbest Senator in Washington, and they’d follow him around just waiting for his next bone-head statement. “Joe Biden’s a genius, compared to Max”, she says.

We’ve got a nuclear-armed North Korea, led by a mad man, a simmering feud between China and Japan over hegemony in the East China Sea, and a few issues about the trading practices of a large nation, yet Obama sends the class clown over there to keep an eye on things. Usually, our presidents send unqualified campaign donors and politicians owed favors to obscure, insignificant countries like France, where they can do no harm. Presumably Senator Baucus demanded more than that if he’d agree to step down now so his party could get an incumbent in place before the upcoming election. Obama was happy to oblige because, after all, which is more important, U.S. national interest or the success of the Democratic Party?

We’ve now got a Kennedy kid in Japan and a retard in China – this is the “smart diplomacy” Obama promised. Whoo boy.


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5 responses to “Norway, Hungary aren’t important, but China?

  1. Apparently Max Baucus had a very consistent political strategy: on any and every issue, he would vote according to its narrow effect on Montana.

    How will this strategy play out as US ambassador to China? The only thing Montana can sell China is coal, and the environmental wacko governors of Oregon and Washington won’t let the coal cross their states to ports on the Pacific ocean.

  2. FF

    The Chinese wouldn’t care if Bo the dog were named ambassador, all they care is that the ambassador has the ability to get to the top, has some juice in the administration, and can do business. They couldn’t stand Huntsman, a Chinese speaker and by all accounts good and brilliant man because they knew that Obama sent him to the diplomatic version of Siberia to keep him really out of the Presidential race. Baucus knows people who matter on trade, on access to the White House and all that stuff. So your premise is cute, that all our diplomats should be professional and perfectly suited to their assignment but thats not diplomacy, its bureaucracy

    • Ha – Activists with the organisation in the northern province of Brianza first became suspicious because the man would ask specifically to adopt a three-year-old cat with black fur and “a bit of flesh on it”, explained AIDAA chief Lorenzo Croce.

      It’s that “with a bit of flesh on it” that probably did him in. Query whether it’s really illegal to eat a cat in Italy – or here, for that matter.