She’s either being far too modest or far too honest


And stay out!

And stay out!

Greenwich Representative Livvy Floren retiring from state legislature, says “l will miss the intellectual stimulation and my colleagues.”

Maybe she can vacation in China with Max Baucus.


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28 responses to “She’s either being far too modest or far too honest

  1. Cos Cobber

    Nice picture of FF of happier times, when he could unleash his rage on the public rather than having to save it for general mgmt. of his own party members.

    • FF

      I feel like a Golden Globes winner, Cobber. 23 French writers love you but the Academy snubs your oeuvre time and again. But then again, I like the idea that my older catalog is gaining the notice of a new audience. I suppose its time to get my license suspended again

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    Could it be the result of more than a little bit of blow-back for her vote to strip her constituents of their constitutional rights?

    • Anonymous

      Good Riddance Floren you totalitarian hag. You violated your oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.

      Enjoy the pasture.

      • District 7

        The Republicans now have a chance to put up someone that truly represents fiscal responsibility. Let’s hope they finally rid themselves with Campbell next month and run someone like Sherr or RTM member Janson. Warzoha might want it but since he lost against Janson for RTM budget chair I guess its hers.

  3. Anon

    Now time for the intellectual stimulation of a stool at Ginger Man.

  4. ajnock


  5. Mickster

    At least she didn’t say “I will miss the intellectual stimulation OF my colleagues”. Now THAT would have been a hoot!

  6. Riverside

    Livvy is a terrific lady. She is a fiscal conservative, and she uses a lot of common sense when it comes to issues facing the State, so her positions are often nuanced, and sometime a surprise. One thing you always know is that Livvy is following her conscience.

    Livvy is also very civic minded and, with her husband, very philanthropic, and has done a lot for our community. I hear her husband has not been well, which may explain why she is not running again. Anyway, I for one thank Livvy sincerely for her long and effective public service.

  7. Anonymous

    Riverside–well said.

  8. Greenwich Taxpayer

    She also voted for that unfiscally conservative $300 million laboratory at Storrs and supported the $42 million MISA fiasco (as well as $24 million and rising for The Nathaniel Witherell short term rehab project). So while she may be a great person she is NOT fiscally conservative by a long shot.

  9. Anonymous

    She voted clearly against both the United States Constitution and the Connecticut State Constitution.

    Nuance, lol, more like treason.

    • Backcountry resident

      Let’s be honest people…. She’s leaving because it’s not fun for her anymore. She’s doesn’t have Gibbons to ride up to Hartford with her anymore and she is finally being called out on a lot of things. She interjected herself once again with BOE and BET elections this year and people are finally finding out who this person really is. I do think she should be commended for contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars of her husbands money to town projects so I thank her for that. But it’s time for her to go. 14 years is a long time. Hopefully she will now try and convince Tesei from seeking a 5th term. Maybe her husband will offer Tesei a job. Let’s hope so.

      • RTC member

        Poor poor Sue Sue….
        Campbell is getting the boot
        Our spineless FS endorsed Sherr over Oneil
        Livvy is leaving

        What is she going to do??????

        • Former RTC member

          Someone just told me that Tesei will be supporting Steve Warzoha to replace Livvy Floren. Makes sense since he ran Teseis campaign for 6 years. So far all you people who think Tesei doesn’t take a stand… You are wrong.

      • hmmm

        not interested in anyones hundreds of thousands of dollars…if it means they put in 200k and we have to put in the other 23 million, or they put in 300k and we have to put in the other 70 million for misa. I just wish people would stop being so nice…

  10. Stanwich

    Livy is very nice person and made that terrible commute up to Hartford for a decade and a half. Give the lady the credit she deserves. You can disagree about her votes and policy choices but she is a faithful public servant.

    • I don’t know the woman, but I’ll point out that many Connecticut politicians make that same long commute to the capital and our state is the worse off for it. A long drive does not necessarily yield (useful) public service; in fact, we’d be much better off if most of those people stayed home.

    • Bob Kenivil

      I have to agree with Chris here. It takes more than a long commute to be a leader.
      This Livvy clearly hates the US Constitution, which means she hates America. I am glad to see her leave, regardless of how old she is, that her husband is sick or she makes a long commute. Her political agenda has taken my second amendment rights away from me, and endangered my ability to protect myself and my family. It has reduced my freedom to choose how I want to live my life, She is a traitor, and her legacy will be judged by many on her vote against the US Constitution and the second amendment. Its really that simple. Enjoy what time you have left while we work to undo what you have done to our country.

    • hmmm

      no one forced her to take the job…if you run and you win the job is in hartford…buyer beware, now you want sympathy for politicians having to make a commute they were well aware of?

  11. Anonymous

    Steve Warzoha??? WTF? The guy is an idiot. Politics has become so toxic that only incompetents want the job. Please tell me there is someone with talent who will take the job.

  12. Bob Kenivil

    Now we just need Fred Camillo, a weasel politician who called in sick when he should have been voting in favor of the 2ND Amendment. Instead he sponsors laws that protect the rights of animals, while stripping us humans of our God given rights. These are very dangerous people who need to be moved out. Camillo is a disgrace to Republican AND Democratic politics. I still can’t figure out how he survives in OG on a $28,000 state stipend. No discernible job, let alone career.

  13. Parent

    Hey Bob, you are a toad to post a commentary about someone who was legitimately ill. Do you have a clue about what he was dealing with? Doubt it matters to you, given you have the qualities of the tin man, scarecrow and lion all rolled into one. Follow your yellow brick road; maybe you will find balls at the end of it.