That’s too bad

Hundreds of sites shut down and people fired. Hardly sudden news, but there were a number of good reporters who’d found a limited shelter there and I’m sorry to see them lose what little income Patch could provide.

That said, I always thought their reach exceeded their grasp. A friend suggested what might work, an online site that covered real estate, arrests and obituaries only. Toss in local high school sports coverage with material posted by the proud parents, persuade an ex-but-still-connected politico to dish out gossip on his former colleagues and bingo – a modern newspaper that might draw enough readers and sell enough ads to survive.




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7 responses to “That’s too bad

  1. Rivman

    I always felt Patch could work if they stayed in the well-to-do communities, which would then attract the advertisers.

  2. Anonymous

    Patch is full of police blotter news and nonsense. Most readers were people with nothing better to do with their time. Good to see it’s phasing out. Advertisers don’t stay if all their audience cares about is who got a DUI or got arrested for unrinating in public.

    • I hate to break this to you but I’ve known a number of publishers and editors of small-to-medium wood pulp newspapers over the years and DUIs and public micturition are all that readers care about.

  3. EOSredux

    I hate to see them go too, especially since here in Bedford, the local once-a-week paper rag doesn’t want to bother with a virtual version. So Patch was the way to find out of something happened from Saturday to Thursday!

    PS: Your cousin Henry has the lead story on NYT homepage, a climate change one no less. After Obama declared it as fact…….

  4. anonymouse

    I for one will be sorry to see it go (if indeed that happens in Greenwich). They always seemed to be on top of breaking news, much more so than our Greenwich rag.

  5. Chimney

    Who needs it- I get all the fast breaking news in town on FWIW!

  6. Fred2

    Maybe its me, i read the local blotter with great interest. DUI, domestics, breakins, holdups of pizza guys..( the police followed the tracks in the snow to a house down the block and arrested the guy with the boots that matched the prints within 10 min). Fine police work.