The libs should welcome this

Look how the bullets make them dance!

Look how the bullets make them dance!

As killer drugs are withdrawn from the market, lawmakers want to return to executions by firing squads. I’m against the death penalty, personally, as currently applied because it costs millions to fund the appeals and delays final justice for decades – slam the miscreant into solitary for the rest of his natural life and forget about him. But the Left’s two favorite icons, Che and Fidel, loved firing squads, often participating in them personally. If it was good enough for Castro it’ll be good enough for me, oh gimme that ol’ time religion, gimme that ol’time religion ….

Brunswick graduate Cole Stangler was unavailable for comment.


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5 responses to “The libs should welcome this

  1. Al Dente

    Lead bullets harm the environment! What say we start a wheat germ and soy composite bullet company? We’ll be rich, rich, rich! Oh, wait, income inequality is bad. I get so confused!

  2. Anonymous

    can’t spell “douchebag” without “che.”

  3. Anon

    From Lou Young CBS Twitter feed:

    @LouYoungNY: Greenwich cops saturate neighborhood following “targeted” home invasion .