They aren’t there to lead discussion groups on Proust, you dummies

N.O.W. Cheerleader team warm ups

N.O.W. Cheerleader Team warms up

Feminists denounce Oakland Raiders’ cheerleader manual as “sexist”. Cheerleaders  are about sex, nothing else. You want a manual on empowerment instead? Advanced calculus? Nuclear science? Have these shocked feminists ever seen a cheerleaders’ outfit? Have they ever wondered why the girls aren’t dressed in baggy sweats? Why there are no gay men leading the cheers (except in San Francisco)?  Call Captain Renault, there’s gambling going on.


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5 responses to “They aren’t there to lead discussion groups on Proust, you dummies

  1. Anonymous

    To the elite- these cheerleading women are making a free choice-it’s their call not yours

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    I can see the teams shedding themselves of their CL squads now that it’s perceived as sexist by the some of the ladies themselves.

    It’ll likely turn into just another “be careful what you ask for…” scenario.

  3. Mazama

    Remember when the Clinton Administration’s Dept of Labor filed an employment discrimination suit against Hooters because they wouldn’t hire male food servers? Makes no sense you say. Of course not, but It’s just what progs do.

  4. Tom

    Actually, the Baltimore Ravens have male cheerleaders.