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How DO they keep those slim bodies?

How DO they keep those slim bodies?

Do you remember when the NYT, after the Messiah ascended the throne yet the unemployment rate remained stubbornly high, stopped depicting the suffering of Bush’s victims and switched instead to articles celebrating the unleashing of creativity among people with free time (i.e., no jobs) on their hands? We were regaled with stories of folks turning to pottery, weaving, painting – canvas, not houses – and macramé. “Thank you, Obama!

Over in Europe, “scientists” are now deploying to reassure the masses that suffering is good for them. Faced with soaring heating bills due to the greens’ insistence on  “alternative energy” sources, the people are unhappy, but here come the experts to proclaim, “shivering will help you lose weight!”

Scientists claim you can shiver yourself slim simply by turning the heating down.

Most houses in the winter are heated to around 21C [70] but researchers at Maastricht University Medical Centre advise turning the thermostat down to between 15C  [59] and 17C for a few hours a day.

Experts claim that because we spend so much time indoors, often in overheated homes and offices, our bodies do not naturally burn calories to keep warm.

It is a trend which has crept up on us over the past century as we have become more adept at controlling the temperature in our surroundings. [the reporter means central heating]

But temperatures closer to what it is like outside might be more beneficial to health.

Simply being colder raises the metabolic rate – the speed at which calories are burnt – by 30pc, and shivering can burn around 400 calories an hour as it increases the metabolic rate fivefold.

Researchers say although shivering can feel uncomfortable, lowering the temperature so you just feel chilly might be an easy option for people who struggle to keep up diets and exercise regimes.

Good heavens, what’s next, demanding that we give up lightbulbs and toilet paper? Oh – wait a minute …

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  1. AJ

    As Mae West used to say, “Slow down: you’ll last longer.”

    Increasing your metabolic rate, especially fivefold, is not necessarily a good thing. There are many articles available on the web pointing out that a low metabolic rate is much better for your health. But then, those articles probably weren’t written by eugenicists who believe the best way to end poverty is to kill off all the poor. Here’s an excerpt from just one of them:

    ““Metabolism” has become quite a buzzword in our culture. Weight gain or inability to lose weight is often blamed on having a slow metabolism and the prevailing myth is that a faster metabolism is preferable, because it would lead to weight loss. However, having a fast metabolism does not mean that you are healthier – in fact, it may cause you to age more quickly. Many supplements claim to increase your metabolism and promote weight loss, but these are merely stimulants. Instead of trying to increase your metabolism with the goal of losing weight, I say, get your body to run on fewer calories and slow your metabolism for a longer, healthier life. …”