Well, at least he builds a nice house

Aboard HMS Raging Queen, Luigi Van Leewuen scouts for poor people to run over

Aboard HMS Raging Queen, Luigi Van Leeuwen scouts for poor people to run over

Greenwich Construction head Louis Van Leeuwan goes orgasmic over that old commie, Pete Seeger

Awesome. It’s the only word Louis Van Leeuwen can find to describe it.

“It was Pete Seeger,” he said, thinking back on the day in 2005 when he was there at Greenwich Reform Synagogue to hear a performance by the iconic folk singer, who died in a Manhattan hospital bed Monday at the age of 94.

“What can I say?” Van Leeuwen, who is 70, said. “`Awesome’ is the word. Who couldn’t be a fan of his, particularly when you’re my age. … I grew up with him. He was the embodiment of everything we stood for in the ’60s.”

In Greenwich nine years ago, Seeger performed his song “Embers of the Martyrs” at the synagogue’s annual Holocaust Remembrance Day to mark the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II.

Seeger, wearing a yarmulke, strummed a guitar and sang, “We are here to build and to say: The martyrs’ ashes circle all the world now and we, yes we will find a way.”

The lyrics are from a poem originally written in Yiddish.

Van Leeuwen, who was a member of the synagogue at the time, said the performance, like the man who gave it, was full of soul.

“He was a true `mensch,'” said Van Leeuwen, who lives in Riverside and owns Greenwich Construction. “It’s a Yiddish word that means that you’re a real person. It’s hard to translate some of these words, but when you’re a real human being, you’re a real `mensch.'”

Luigi is a mensch – Seeger was a Stalinist tool. Next time I’m out fishing with Louis on his 98′ Hinkley , I’ll point that out to him.

(Fortunately for homeowners, Louis is a far better builder than political thinker, and you’d be well served consulting him for construction projects or, one of his sidelines when he isn’t humming kumbaya around the campfire and baying at the moon, Generac Generator installations).


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14 responses to “Well, at least he builds a nice house

  1. Mark B.

    Please. I’m still fuming over my local paper, the Times Herald Record (Journal News Tribune etc) – they had the commie a-hole on the front cover, full pages from 8 through 11, and a half page editorial on page 12.

  2. Cos Cobber

    In real estate news I see two interesting projects on the P&Z agenda.

    1) looks like the Manhattan/Morgan moving co site at the bottom of the ave is poised to become 21k sq ft of retail and 104 parking spaces.

    2) someone wants to build 7 apartments at a site immediately behind the shell (opposite whole foods) station just north of US on Sherwood Place.

    • dogwalker

      Both interesting, Cos Cobber. 104 parking spaces for a retail building? My guess is they are planning on making some money renting parking spaces to commuter. But adding the “flow” of 100 cars to that intersection? Yikes. (Disclaimer – I’m biased; I walk by that site daily . . . and they way people drive around town these days . . . )

      Isn’t the building directly behind that Shell station occupied by Trinity Church offices? Do they own it or rent it?

      • Cos Cobber

        Regarding the Sherwood Place project, its actually two or three houses behind Shell. The name of the LLC is Brunswick-Sherwood…so is this Brunswick teacher housing?

        • dogwalker

          Thanks. Teacher housing sounds like a good guess. But shucks, the next couple of houses up from the Trinity House are all cute little old ones.

        • Ghost of the FAR Czar

          They bought the Sherwood Place complex up the block back in 2011 for faculty housing, so that would make sense.

  3. Greenwich Taxpayer

    Westchester folks are trying to get the new Tappan Zee bridge named the Pete Seeger bridge. Go figure…

    The P&Z stuff is troubling. There goes the neighborhood…

  4. Anon

    Morgan Manhattan moving out? Where is Cindy Sikorski Renfret going to hold her annual tag sale?

  5. farrightwing

    And old grlfriend was highly offended when I informed her that Ol’Pete was an apologist for the Monster Stalin. Reminded me of Joe McCarthy who was proven “right”about every last one of the suspect Commies in the government under FDR. Joe McCarthy was himself the victim of “McCarthysim”, the favorite tactic of the Left then, now, and always. McCarthy, warts and all, was a great American. Thankfully, Stanton Evans and Diana West have countered the left’s lies about McCarthy.

  6. farrightwing

    My understanding of the Yiddish word “”Mensch”” is that it is a man who is “honorable””, a highly moral man, i.e., considerably more than just a “real”person, whatever that is.