Food Police to the rescue

Thug and brigand, Riley Pearson

Thug and brigand, Riley Pearson

Boy, six, suspended from school for four days after package of cheese crisps is discovered in his lunch box. Why such leniency? England has ended capital punishment for those under seven. “But he’d better watch it next year,” vowed headmaster Jeremy Meek,”or we’ll show the little rat-bastard what for.”


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6 responses to “Food Police to the rescue

  1. housecat

    Poor child. Did they force him to eat kale?

  2. perhaps the little chap would receive a royal pardon if he had been packing Prince Charles’s Duchy Originals Vegetable Crisps (with hopes the product has been cleaned up by now).

  3. Peg

    Didn’t someone say, “There will always be an England?”

    I’m not so sure.

  4. Anonymous

    Speaking of stay in school….

    So awesome!

  5. Libertarian Advocate

    England is terminal.