From the department of Nothing Better To Do …

Michigan crime stoppers

Michigan crime stoppers

Michigan police track down woman in California who escaped half-way through a 16-month sentence for attempted larceny 37 years ago.

It was not yet clear what evidence led Michigan investigators to the location of Hayman, who was 23 years old and about halfway through a sentence of 16 months to two years when she walked away from the Women’s Huron Valley Correctional facility about 36 miles west of Detroit.

[San Diego police Lt. Steven Mayer] said he was wowed by the investigators’ ability to “put some dots together” and provide San Diego officers with the right address after nearly four decades. “I commend them for their tenacity,” he said. “This is a very old case.”

That’s great work guys, but one question: why?


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14 responses to “From the department of Nothing Better To Do …

  1. anon

    i wonder if they would dare open the books and see what this waste of time cost the michigander tax payer? i’d sure as hell want to know if i lived there.

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    Is it still snowing in the slums of Riverside? We still have freezing rain coming down here in the back country. AKA the real Greenwich.

    The median income in Cos Cob went up this week, right? They must be plowing their Wop asses off. Snow plowing, you pervert.

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    Which has a larger land mass, Greenwich or Manhattan? The island, not the drink. And if Manhattan is really an Island, how come I don’t need a boat to get there?

    Is Bruce Park a gay haven? If not, why did they name it that?

    Where is Calf Island? Again, if you say above the knee and below the pleasure palace, you may have to go the way of Luca Brasi.

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    OK. Now you ask some.
    Your Pal,

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Your “calf” cartography is off by a bit there Walt.

      Gohere to see where it really is….

      • Walt

        Stop over analyzing. Sheesh. If I want a critic I will call Rex Reed. You think he might be gay Dude? Rex Reed, Not LA.

        Do you have AC DC disorder? Do you compulsively wash your hands? Not you Dude. LA. Do you suffer from chronic masturbation? That was directed at you Dude, not LA. BUT JUST READ IT, DON’T DISECT IT!! You anally focused nerd. That was directed at both of you.

        Anyhows, anything south of the squeeze box is unchartered wasteland, that no one really cares about. You only go there when you need a time out. SO CALL IT WHATEVER YOU WANT!! I am not a doctor!!
        You overly anatomically focused savant. I mean that fondly.

  3. Fred2

    Like chasing down some 95 y.o. purported Nazi concentration camp guard who was 18 y.o. at the time and seems to have lived a crime free life since and spending time and serious money judging him and extraditing him…

    Really worth it? You don’t have 10 crimes you could solve that aren’t ancient history?

    I know my answer.

  4. Tokenekebozo

    Total waste of time and money. Cold case guys should be tracking down murderers, not dealing with chickenshit cases like this.