When deadlines collide

The big engine that couldn't

The big engine that couldn’t

(15 hours ago) : Slovenia: World’s best secret Paradise? Why this little country should be on your bucket list”.

(2 hours ago): Frozen Slovenia suffers worst devastation in modern memory. I’d heard WW II was no picnic in the Alps for this country, but whatever; proves that, at least in the publishing world, timing is everything.


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4 responses to “When deadlines collide

  1. Anonymous

    Off-topic, but this is an actual service status announcement from Metro North right now:

    “New Haven Line Westbound trains will not stop between Old Greenwich and Cos Cob. Customers should travel Eastbound to Stamford where they can transfer for Westbound service to access those stations. Customers should anticipate system-wide delays of 45-60 minutes due to power problems caused by severe weather conditions. Please listen for announcements at your station. ”

    Anyone else confused?

  2. Fred2

    Ice storms are no joke. Very dangerous, and usually very quiet with little wind and drippy fog.