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Sending a message: NC Democrats pick anti-Semite, sex predator racist as their new leader

Gee, they forgot to include his last name

Gee, they forgot to include his last name

Hey, why fool around when you want Whitey to hear you?

Democratic Chairman Randy Voller said Monday he would name an executive director Wednesday who is a “North Carolina native and national leader.” The party’s First Vice Chairwoman Patsy Keever said Voller intends to name Chavis, who also served as executive director of the NAACP before being ousted nearly two decades ago amid a sexual harassment scandal.

 Benjamin Chavis Muhammad is a long time civil rights advocate who was jailed for four years in 1970s as a member of the Wilmington 10, a group convicted but later cleared in a fire bombing that spurred a race riot in the city.

He became leader of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in 1993 but served less than 17 months after being ousted for striking a secret deal to pay an employee $332,400 to settle her sexual harassment claim.

Chavis, an ordained minister with the United Church of Christ, later converted to Islam, taking the name Benjamin Muhammed. In 1997, he became second-in-command to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, leading the organization’s East Coast ministry, according to reports at the time.

Three years later, a woman connected to the Nation of Islam alleged in a lawsuit he sexually harassed her. It was settled in 2006, and the woman received $135,000 from the temple. Chavis did not pay any sum to settle the case, and he made no admission of liability.

Chavis did not respond to emailed questions.


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This time, they could get as much as an inch

Bet your bottom dollar

Bet your bottom dollar

Georgians warned of “catastrophic snow storm for historic proportions” headed their way.

“Hysterical proportions” might be more accurate.

The National Weather Service said on Tuesday that the storm could be one of “historical proportions” with “crippling snow and ice amounts.” The agency wrote in an alert: “Prepare now for this potentially catastrophic event!!”

A winter storm warning was issued for Georgia on Tuesday morning lasting until Thursday afternoon. Light accumulations are expected tonight with an additional 2 to 4 inches of snow possible through Wednesday night, the Weather Service said. A quarter to a half inch of ice is also expected to accumulate as temperatures drop into Wednesday night.

It’s easy to understand why southern states would’t spend the money necessary to deal with a ten-year event like a bit of snow; it’s a poor allocation of funds. But why not just stay home for a day and wait for the sun to return? No traffic jams, no children trapped in schools and, if they’re lucky, no TV, so no reporters screeching panic at their audience.


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A fable for our times

la-cigale-et-la-fourmi-300x190The Ant and the Grasshopper, revised. The new version originated by an anonymous French wit, so Libertarian Advocate, you can click there to enjoy it in its original form. For  us proud Americans, here it is in English:

American Version: The Ant and the Grasshopper

Ant works all summer during a heatwave

Builds a house and sets in provisions for winter.

Grasshopper thinks the ant is stupid, laughs, dances and plays.

Winter comes, ant is warm and well fed.

Grasshopper shivers with cold, doesn’t have any food or place to live, and dies in the cold.

The End

Version Francaise: La Cigale et la Gourmi

La Cigale et La Fourmi: French Version

Ant works all summer during a heatwave

Builds a house and sets in provisions for winter.

Grasshopper thinks the ant is stupid, laughs, dances and plays.

Winter comes, the ant is warm and well fed.

Grasshopper shivers with cold, organizes a press conference and demands to know why the ant has the right to be warm and well-fed while others who are less fortunate are cold and hungry.

French TV does prime time broadcasts showing grasshopper shivering with cold.  Switch to videos of ant, warm at home, dining table laden with food.

The French are shocked that in a country so rich, one lets the poor grasshopper suffer while others live in abundance.

Demonstrations take place outside the ant’s house.

Headlines in French papers: Why did ant become rich on the back of the grasshopper?  Demands that the government  to raise taxes so ants pays his “fair share”.

Communist Trade Union and the Revolutionary Communist League organize sit ins outside the ant’s home.

France raises taxes; passes a law on economic anti-discrimination and equality, retroactive to last summer.

Ant fined because he didn’t employ the grasshopper as an assistant.

Ant can’t pay fine and higher taxes; house repossessed

Ant moves to Switzerland where he goes to work, pays taxes, contributes to the economy

French TV does a story on the grasshopper, now fat

House deteriorates and the French government is criticized for not maintaining it.

Grasshopper dies of an overdose.

Cockroaches take over, start dealing drugs from the house and terrorize the insect community.


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Megan McArdle on Tim Armstrong speaking truth to the lotus eaters

Tim Armstrong announces new AOL benefits plan (photo supplied by the NYT)

Tim Armstrong announces new AOL benefits plan
(photo supplied by the NYT)

I was going to discuss this earlier this week and now I’m glad my effort is still sitting in the draft pile because McArdle does a far better job pointing out that math produces hard facts.

You may recall that Riverside’s own, Tim Armstrong, made an announcement that AOL employees’ retirement plan would be adjusted due to the escalating cost of health care. All hell broke loose because, in defending those cuts, Armstrong cited the case of two “Million-dollar-babies” the company had paid for.


The Internet went all atwitter at Armstrong for daring to mention that babies with special medical needs cost a lot, and that the money had to come from somewhere.The mother of one of the babies wrote a moving piece for Slate about her daughter’s “catastrophic birth,” which went viral even though it didn’t actually seem to rebut anything Armstrong had said. Fei’s baby is beautiful, and all of us are very glad that modern medicine was able to give her a shot at life she wouldn’t have had 20 years ago. But Armstrong didn’t say that he wished the babies weren’t alive; he just said they were expensive.

If we actually want to bend the cost curve, this is one of the things we are going to have to say: Catastrophic births such as that of Deanna Fei’s daughter cost an absolute fortune, and all that expensive care often gives those vulnerable babies less than a 50 percent chance at living a normal life. Organ transplants also cost the earth and have a tragically high failure rate. It would be nice if all of our rising health-care costs consisted of giving hip transplants to 94-year-old cancer patients on ventilators, but, in fact, a lot of the really expensive stuff we do are things that most people would like us to keep doing, such as saving preemies and transplanting organs into people who will die without them.

Myself, I think AOL made absolutely the right choice: saving Deanna Fei’s baby, not 401(k) matches for job-switchers. But people seem mad at Armstrong for saying that this is a choice — that the resources to pay for such babies do not just materialize out of some primordial miasma surrounding the maternity ward but must be redirected from something else.

I think that these are often good choices, and that we spend too much time obsessing about the percentage of gross domestic product we spend on health-care costs. The supermarket has whole sections devoted to shelf-stable lunch kits and things to make your towels soft. If we choose to spend more of our money on premature babies and less on those things, that seems like a good bargain.

But whatever we choose, we should do so consciously, weighing values against each other. Unfortunately, our emotional reaction to anyone who dares to mention our expensive choices makes it very difficult to have a rational conversation. AOL has reversed its 401(k) change, and it will probably look to make the money up in some other way. But when it does, you can be sure it will never mention that it has anything to do with insurance or expensive health claims. And AOL employees, and the rest of us, can go back to acting like it’s a big mystery why health-care costs keep increasing.

I thick that what really upset the unwashed is that Armstrong pointed out what, on a larger scale, can be more easily ignored: resources are limited, and must be allocated. AOL, as a self-insurer, has a defined set of assets, and if they shift them to one use, they have to take them from another.  The same thing is true for our country, but that’s an uncomfortable truth to face, so we as a nation just shout for “free, universal health care” and pretend that the resources to pay for that care will come from … come from … well they’ll come from somewhere!


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Sales reported

317 Stanwich Rd

317 Stanwich Rd

317 Stanwich (Alice Tully’s weekend cottage) $2,1695,115. I thought this was a splendid home, albeit somewhat quirky; or perhaps because of its quirkiness. Off of Stanwich, adjoining land conservancy property, and very nicely redone/renovated by the sellers. They paid $2.025 for it in 2009, spent a large amount on it fixing it up and then, I believe, they moved back to England. They originally asked $2.895, a price that reflected what they’d put into it, but after 658 days on the market, settled for this lower price. The buyers made out very well here.

5 Knollwood

5 Knollwood

5 Knollwood, off of Husted, sold for $$2.730 million after selling for $2.850 in 2007.

5 Knollwood

5 Knollwood

56 Dingletown Rd

56 Dingletown Rd

56 Dingletown asked $3.895 million, sold for $3.5, which strikes me at just about exactly what it should have sold for. A nice house, and perfectly in line with comparable sales.

56 Dingletown Rd

56 Dingletown Rd


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A nation of laws?

All hail the mighty Barack!

All hail the mighty Barack!

The Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the individual mandate provisions of Obamacare on the ground that it was a tax, not a penalty, and thus within the powers granted the legislative branch to enact taxes. That law stated that it would take effect “December 23st, 2013”. Late last fall, Obama unilaterally stayed the enforcement of that law one year, claiming it was within his executive powers to amend tax bills.

Yesterday, Obama decreed that the law would be amended again, and he delayed its enforcement for yet another year, while reducing the requirement for large corporations to provide 100% coverage for their employees to 90%. This has, so far, been met with approval by the chattering monkeys of the left.

To put the situation into a form Harvard 3Ls are familiar with, let’s pose a hypothesis:

Just before losing power in 2016, the Democrats enact a law taxing incomes between $250,000 -$500,000 at 50%, and incomes above $500,000 at 75%, effective January 1st, 2017.

Upon taking office, the new Republican president Bill Koch announces that he will delay implementation of the new tax for two years, until 2019, and after that, while keeping the income tax fixed at 50% for those earning less than $500,000, he will reduce the tax to zero for all those earning more than that because, he declares, “they’re friends of mine, and besides, they’ve promised me they’ll use the extra money to spew carbon into our atmosphere and ruin the world”.

What say you, JRH?  Does President Koch have the power to do this? If not, why not? Discuss.

Ten points deducted for each mention of racism or former President Bush.


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Their new Mayor’s narcissism can be added to New Yorkers’ woes


Waiting for de Blow (hard): "He said he'd be here..."

Waiting for de Blow (hard):
“He said he’d be here…”

De Blasio late to his own “State of the City” speech.

Chronically late Mayor de Blasio showed up 35 minutes after the scheduled start of his first State of the City speech on Monday. And he appeared to be in no rush.

An hour before the planned noon start, the mayor’s office tweeted a picture of de Blasio giving his speech “one more read-through.”

The mayor’s office offered no explanation for the latest in a series of de Blasio’s late appearances — some by as much as an hour.

During the mayoral campaign, some aides tried to blame their boss’ tardiness on the fact that he has just one bathroom in his Park Slope row house, which he was sharing at the time with his wife and two kids.
But other aides who once worked for the mayor say that was just an excuse and that he’s constantly late because he routinely oversleeps and is always behind schedule.

“The weirdest thing is that he doesn’t care that he’s late. He doesn’t care about anyone’s time but his own,” one former aide told The Post.

It’ll be fun to observe the first meeting between the nation’s Narcissist-in-Chief and DeBlasio when our prez comes in for his next fund raiser: who’ll arrive first? My guess is that neither will or, if one does, he’ll find that everyone has grown bored of waiting and gone home.


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This probably doesn’t speak well for his chances

How can we miss you when you won't go away? Now please; get on the bus.

How can we miss you when you won’t go away? Now please; get on the bus.

Dennis Rodman drunk on the town three days after leaving rehab.

Dennis Rodman has fallen off the wagon just three days after checking out of rehab. Sources tell us the former NBA pro had “so many kamikaze shots, the wait staff lost count” at a South Beach nightclub this weekend.

“The Worm” was downing shots at E11even, a 24-hour club that celebrated its grand opening on Friday. Spies told us the outspoken crony of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un arrived alone at about 11 p.m. Saturday.

“He was walking around, going up to random tables and mingling ’round the club,” a source told us. “He was drinking kamikaze shots, and every time he would take one, he would scream ‘It’s kamikaze time!’ ”

Witnesses tell us Rodman — despite just undergoing three weeks in a New Jersey rehab — looked as if he’d been drinking before he arrived, but once at the club, “He had a lot more drinks . . . He was pretty trashed when he left.”

In January, Rodman checked himself into rehab after he drank heavily during a trip to North Korea. He was reportedly gifted with bottles of vodka with appetizing sketches of him and Kim’s faces on them when he arrived.

On Monday, it was reported that staffers at the hotel where Rodman stayed said the former All-Star was drunk, unconscious, vomited “everywhere he turned,” and relieved himself in the hallway, according to Free North Korea Radio.

I give him two years, tops.


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They’re back

Feel safer now?

Feel safer now?

After just a tweak to the cosmetics, you can now buy a perfectly legal “scary gun” in NY. Personally, I’d call it more of an ugly gun than a scary one, but legislators care only about adjustable stocks and pistol grips; like everything politicians do, the law banning scary guns is about appearance, not substance, and certainly not reality.

“Fewer people are killed with all rifles each year (323 in 2011) than with shotguns (356), hammers and clubs (496), and hands and feet (728).”

Wait til Sharia law arrives on our shores – we’ll have the murder rate down to practically nothing once thieves and illegal joggers meet their proper justice and hands and feet start flying off the chopping block.


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