They’re back

Feel safer now?

Feel safer now?

After just a tweak to the cosmetics, you can now buy a perfectly legal “scary gun” in NY. Personally, I’d call it more of an ugly gun than a scary one, but legislators care only about adjustable stocks and pistol grips; like everything politicians do, the law banning scary guns is about appearance, not substance, and certainly not reality.

“Fewer people are killed with all rifles each year (323 in 2011) than with shotguns (356), hammers and clubs (496), and hands and feet (728).”

Wait til Sharia law arrives on our shores – we’ll have the murder rate down to practically nothing once thieves and illegal joggers meet their proper justice and hands and feet start flying off the chopping block.


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3 responses to “They’re back

  1. Fred2

    And remember that 323 is on 300 million people per annum. ( and there are 100s of millions of the things.)
    The List of things more dangerous than guns is long-indeed

  2. OG Reader

    I’m taking an idea from the comments of the article, but it bears repeating… the new laws have chased away at least one local manufacturer and its jobs, but the gun sales continue.

  3. Mark B.

    After all the dust settles, legislators and gun enthusiasts (that’d be me) will realize it was never about the rifles, and should never have been represented that way.
    It was the magazines that gave the rifles the capacity to carry and feed 20 and 30 rounds at a time. The lawmakers wasted enormous resources and time chasing the wrong thing. And now, the guy in the photo holds a dreadfully altered weapon, still capable of accepting hi-cap mags.
    Sadly, all my hi-capacity mags were lost in a boating accident…
    And the seller and his customers had best be careful – nobody has given approval of these tweaked rifles as of this writing, other than “Yeah, I talked to my brother at the NYSP and he said…”, or “I got a letter from them that said they SHOULD be legal…”
    Good grief.