This probably doesn’t speak well for his chances

How can we miss you when you won't go away? Now please; get on the bus.

How can we miss you when you won’t go away? Now please; get on the bus.

Dennis Rodman drunk on the town three days after leaving rehab.

Dennis Rodman has fallen off the wagon just three days after checking out of rehab. Sources tell us the former NBA pro had “so many kamikaze shots, the wait staff lost count” at a South Beach nightclub this weekend.

“The Worm” was downing shots at E11even, a 24-hour club that celebrated its grand opening on Friday. Spies told us the outspoken crony of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un arrived alone at about 11 p.m. Saturday.

“He was walking around, going up to random tables and mingling ’round the club,” a source told us. “He was drinking kamikaze shots, and every time he would take one, he would scream ‘It’s kamikaze time!’ ”

Witnesses tell us Rodman — despite just undergoing three weeks in a New Jersey rehab — looked as if he’d been drinking before he arrived, but once at the club, “He had a lot more drinks . . . He was pretty trashed when he left.”

In January, Rodman checked himself into rehab after he drank heavily during a trip to North Korea. He was reportedly gifted with bottles of vodka with appetizing sketches of him and Kim’s faces on them when he arrived.

On Monday, it was reported that staffers at the hotel where Rodman stayed said the former All-Star was drunk, unconscious, vomited “everywhere he turned,” and relieved himself in the hallway, according to Free North Korea Radio.

I give him two years, tops.


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6 responses to “This probably doesn’t speak well for his chances

  1. Anonymous

    his final years should be a reality show…

  2. Peg

    From my experience, someone like Rodman won’t begin to be able to challenge his addictions in 30 days. 3-4 months – or significantly more – is required for him to have a fighting chance.

  3. sunbeam43

    Sorry for being so unsympathetic, but……..don’t care! He’s a huge lump of wasted Homo sapiens!

  4. good ol' dr silkworth

    It is not for those who need it. it is for those who want it.

  5. Peg

    Dr. Silk – I would qualify that Rodman surely needs help. Yet, I would agree with you that until he is willing to take on the challenge and want to change, odds are good he cannot be successful in beating his alcoholism.

    I don’t care who the addict is. I do hope that as many as possible are able to get into recovery. Yes, even Rodman.

    • good ol' dr silkworth

      that makes two of us Peg.

      the only difference between the subject and the scribe

      one is wet and one is dry

      but for the grace of God, there go i.