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It’s a wonder our forebears lived long enough to procreate

Parisians prepare to commit mass suicide along the Bois de Boulogne 18

Parisians prepare to commit mass suicide in the Bois de Boulogne 1868

Psychiatrists: snowfall causing “tremendous amount of seasonal affected disorder this winter” 

Someone’s getting hysterical, but perhaps it’s the doctors.


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Drip, drip, drip


Entrance hall, GHS Performing Palace of the Arts

Entrance hall, GHS Performing Palace of the Arts

MISA project needs another chunk of cash to cover “unexpected” soil remediation work. They project is about to go over by 3X the $500,000 set aside in a contingency fund to cover the PCB removal and, it says here, that’s just the beginning. We’ve gone from $24 to $37 to $44 million, and we’ve only just started on this money pit. Soohee!


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Hmm – that’s right up there with their belief in global warming and free health care

What's the zodiac sign for sheep?

What’s the zodiac sign for sheep?

Another triumph of modern education: majority of young Americans believe astrology is a real science.


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How dumb do they think kids are? Probably just dumb enough

blind-and-dumb1Democrats add marijuana legalization to gay rights, free rubbers and unlimited cable to the young voter attraction package. And, as their target audience knows nothing it hasn’t learned via Jon Stewart and video games, it will fall for it.

While this is sad, I’m beginning to feel about the fate of the country the same way I feel about NYC: you wanted it, you deserve it.


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It must be a course they teach at Harvard Law

Well I just don't know WHAT to think!

Well I just don’t know WHAT to think!

Wendy Davis, the feminist heroine whose gubernatorial campaign hit the skids after her phony resume was exposed, now says she’d support a ban on abortions after 20 weeks, the exact issue that made her a heroine to the vagina vote in the first place.  Last week she switched her stand against guns and now supports them, next week she’ll announce that she’s actually a man.

Another famous Harvard Law grad has switched his positions on :gay marriage – once agin’, now in favor of; war against Syria – once in favor of, now agin’; executive orders overturning law, once agin’, now in favor of; and immediate implementation of ObamaCare -for, against, for, against, for – stay tuned. Ms. Davis apparently failed to realize that her president got there before her and has occupied 100% of the vacillation space.

Back to the amateur ranks.


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Speaking of media hype …

Tears: Warren Sapp reveals his feminine core

Tears: Warren Sapp reveals his feminine core

The press is going gaga over the idea of an openly homosexual player in a football locker room, and even some players – big guys, 6’5″, 300 lbs, are claiming they’re scared. Stupid.

I had a friend, a real lady’s man in college, who was drafted to play (snicker) tight end for a mid-western NFL team back in the late 70s. He lasted three or four years before injuries knocked him out of the game, and during those years, he told me, everyone  knew which players in the NFL, including him, were gay.

In those days it was more the “don’t ask, don’t tell” school of gayness, but just as there have been gays in the military since Alexander met his Persian boy, some very big, tough football players have had an inner, girly side.

Big deal.


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The headlines scream one thing, the reality is different

The “ice storm of the century” hit the south and everyone was safe at home. In two days the sun will return, the ice will melt, and normal life will return. And the media will shift to the next pumped-up event.

The Daily <ail promises, but ...

The Daily Mail promises but …

Reality hits Atlanta

Reality hits Atlanta


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Oh, what a puny god we serve

Nude Church of the Evangelical. Peg thought Walt might be interested, but while I’m sure he feels the tug,  I suspect he’ll hold on to himself until Steph agrees to join with him.

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 8.48.36 AM


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Not a parody – the Democrats are beyond parody

From the folks who brought you Pajama Boy, an opportunity to take a selfie with the Emperor(HT, HouseCat)


Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 8.16.47 AM


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Directive 10-289 is issued

10-289Atlas Shrugged, written in 1957, foresaw the day when the government would freeze the economy in place: no would be allowed to quit his job or be fired from it, no one could cut production or increase it, etc. This rule was envisioned in “Directive 10-289” and on Monday, Obama used it by using his own directive, ordering that no business will be allowed to fire anyone due to the cost of ObamaCare.

Never mind that economists have long warned that the health “plan” would make labor unaffordable, never mind that just last week the administration and its apologists were claiming that such firings would be a good thing, freeing up people to relax at home, cook dinner for their kids and write poetry; as of Monday, you will be sent to prison if you don’t keep workers in place.

These people are making this shit up as they go – they had no idea what they were inflicting on the country and as it all falls to pieces they keep coming up with lies and half-baked “solutions” to stop each new leak in the bulging dike. The media is doing its best, but even it can’t scramble fast enough to hide the impending disaster, so it’s just shutting down coverage of the fiasco and hoping no one will notice.

This country just may not survive three more years of this man’s rule.


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