6:00 AM weather report: it’s snowing

I thought the next storm was due tonight, but tell that to the snow flakes. I was planning to boogie out of here at 6:30, but my bed is looking more inviting.


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9 responses to “6:00 AM weather report: it’s snowing

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    So you went back to bed in your little snuggles? The pink ones with the feet and with the drop panel ass flap? Then you proceeded to pleasure yourself in numerous ways? You disgust me. Take your finger out of your hairy little ass and write something. You loser.

    Anyhows, we did get a shit load of snow. Brunch today? Cos Cobber?
    My treat!! You rectum.

    Your Pal,

    • anon

      Walt: you have seriously disappointed me by not commenting on the new SI Swimsuit cover. Not one, not two, but three hotties touching each other behinds. What’s the matter? Snow got you down?

    • Nah, after whining for a bit I stripped off my shirt, painted my chest blue and pounded it bloody, then left.
      Back after snow removal at PalNancy’s

  2. sound beacher

    Can someone explain why the town crews are plowing out OG school walkways when the school is closed, kids are away. They do it every morning, when it snows, even if it is the weekend. There is a cost savings for you, don’t plow when the school is closed.,

    • GPD Folk

      they are probably the school custodians and they are required to clear the walkways

    • pulled up in OG

      How ‘bout so it ain’t a mountain of ice come Monday morning. Besides which, Aquarion may need access for a water main break.

      How’s that sidewalk in front of the house?

      • If they don’t keep up with the snow, there will be a three-foot-pile of frozen stuff to remove next Sunday before school. Same reason snow plowers might do your street a couple of times during a snow storm – homeowners seem to think it’s some sort of rip-off, but it’s not – it’s just the way it is.

      • Cos Cobber

        you definitely want to be aggressive with snow removal, even at schools when closed…. removing fresh snow is much easier than compressed ice.