Going down

Buy two, get one free

Buy two, set one free

Jos. A. Banks wants to buy Edie Bauer. Bauer’s never been the same since Pillsbury General Mills bought it in the 60s.


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9 responses to “Going down

  1. anon

    what’s the business model for buying a dying chain? they got their advice from eddie lampert? and who knew that eddie bauer is still in business? the closest one to greenwich/westchester residents is at the danbury mall. not gonna happen.

  2. Anonymous

    Buy 1 fleece get 12 free

  3. Yos

    Could it be worse than the fate that befell Abercrombie & Fitch?

  4. CatoRenasci

    Sad, I remember Eddie Bauer when it was a high end manufacturer of outdoor gear, including excellent sleeping bags, in the early ’60s. Their stuff was considered premium, usually better than Gerry or Holubar, before North Face and Sierra Designs (let along Marmot or Patagonia or the rest of the newer outfitters) came along.

  5. Anonymous

    Off topic – but any recommendations for a service to clear snow off a house roof? Recall a service that posted signs in OG last winter but haven’t seen them this season.

  6. Anonymous

    LL Bean is the last quality one standing