Still exhausted from his three weeks in Hawaii, poor guy

Can't you see he's tiwerd?

Can’t you see he’s tiwerd?

Obama schedules three-day golf junket during his grueling California fund raising trip.  Before he starts his golf game, he’ll meet with King Abdullah of Jordan,who, as mentioned here last week, is flying all the way from Jordan to plead with Obama to keep Kerry from screwing up the Middle East. Why force a sovereign ally to fly an extra 3,000 miles across the country? Because Obama can.


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8 responses to “Still exhausted from his three weeks in Hawaii, poor guy

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    SCoaMF needs time off. Works for me provided he never comes back.

  2. NoGolfToday

    Never comes back gets my vote.

  3. Perfect timing for rain outs….

  4. TheWizard

    It’s for the best. The less time he spends doing his job, the better off we’ll all be.

  5. Anonymous

    I wonder if his BFF golf buddy, former male flight attendant Bobby Whitcomb will be making the trip from Hawaii to Calfornia. They have now been apart for a few weeks.

  6. Anonymous

    Make that Bobby Titcomb. How on earth does the media completely ignore the gay rights advocate in the White House spends his leisure time with a former male flight attendant who has been arrested for solicitation?