I blame Bush

Reporting off duty

Reporting off duty

John Kerry has exclusive authority to approve or disapprove of the Keystone pipeline, and it was an executive order by George Bush that gave it to him.

Just yesterday Kerry, who’s in Indonesia to escape the third coldest winter in recent (1800s on) history, wrung his hands and mewled about global warming being as being as big a threat to the world as nuclear destruction, so it’s pretty clear where his sentiments are. The problem for Kerry, however, is that his boss will be blamed by one side or the other of the dispute regardless of what he decides, and, presumably, the Vacationer in Chief still has some say in what his Secretary of State does. Presumably.

Look for a delay until past the 2014 elections, then disapproval.


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6 responses to “I blame Bush

  1. Babylon Sister

    Forget terrorists… we’ve got global temperature fluctuations to battle!

    A modern-day Don Quixote.

  2. AJ

    I blame Bush for starting a state sponsored war of terror against Americans:

    ’Cop “Had No Choice” to Shoot and Kill Mentally Ill Child Because He Left His Taser Home?’

    “NORTH CAROLINA — A cop who said “We don’t have time for this” and then killed a 90-lb mentally ill boy has been indicted by a grand jury for voluntary manslaughter.

    Bryon Vassey entered the home of a family who called 911 for medical help after their schizophrenic child had an episode.

    Rather than helping officers de-escalate the situation, Vassey is reported to have said “We don’t have time for this.”

    Moments later he opened fire and executed the young boy, killing him as his parents screamed in shock.

    Now, Vassey’s attorney is saying the officer “had no choice” but to shoot the child.

    “Detective Bryon Vassey exercised the only morally, legally justified duty of protecting the life of a fellow officer and that sadly (ended) the life of young Mr. Keith Vidal,” said the attorney, James Payne.

    Now see if you can wrap your mind around this.

    The reason the killing is justified, he claims, is because Vassey had only his gun on him that day and no Taser, according to reports. …”


  3. i had no idea that moving John Kerry from venue to venue was such an undertaking:

  4. Cobra

    Once again, Lurch confirms that he is a moroon.

  5. Libertarian Advocate

    What the hell is wrong with his face???? Steroid shots? Botox overdose?

  6. Anonymous

    putin got to him … a little dab of radiation in the mug to keep him inline and let obama continue unabated