Why Walt is FWIW’s official, and sole Olympic correspondent

Bode, we just burned down Disneyworld - how do you feel, and where will you go now?

Bode, we just burned down Disneyworld – how do you feel, and where will you go now?

Well yes, we could only afford to send one reporter, but also because no one else should be forced to watch the NBC ghouls probe and pry into the athletes’ personal lives.

NBC is under fire after one of its reporters questioned bronze medal winning skier Bode Miller so much about the death of his brother he began to sob uncontrollably.

Correspondent Christin Cooper interviewed Miller just moments after he finished third in the Super G fnal, making him both the most medaled skier in history and the oldest person to win an alpine medal at the Games.

However, what should have been a happy conversation quickly turned to tears.

Miller was the first to bring up his brother, Chilly, a snowboarder who died in April from a seizure, but Cooper continued to push to the point that he had to walk away.

The interview was conducted on Sunday, and NBC’s edit Sunday night showed Miller for more than a minute after the interview ended, crying, from different camera angles.

I lost what little interest I had in watching the Olympics when ABC, I think, started this crap back in  maybe 1980? For every thirty-second bit of coverage of a particular event, they’d run fifteen minutes of how the athlete grew up, what his third grade teacher thought of him, and how he felt when an ABC producer deliberately ran over his dog to get live reaction footage (or like that). Bah. I can’t take it, but Walt’s made of sterner stuff: “I just tell myself dead baby jokes”, he cabled from Sochi, “and press on.”


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15 responses to “Why Walt is FWIW’s official, and sole Olympic correspondent

  1. Live Free or Die

    Half way through that interview Andrew Weibrecht should have stuck his skip pole in Christin Coopers eye and reminded her that he won the Silver Medal. He was standing next to Bodi and was totally ignored by the hack reporter.

  2. A

    To make matters worse, the MSM got their panties all wet announcing Meredith Vieiera would be the first solo female prime time host. Does she know squat about sports? No, but for NBC that doesn’t matter. Add a dash of snark from Al I’m a Happy Weather Guy and tidbits of worthlessness from Matt Lauer in his cunt-tickler beard, and you have a recipe for why I watch anything but the Olympics and get my headline news here from Walt.

  3. Al Dente

    They would get better ratings if they booby-trapped the bobsleds and had some spectacular crashes. I used to love watching the “agony of defeat” ski jumper every week on Wide World of Sports.

  4. RINO Whiners, get a grip… all news is propagandized.
    I have skied with Bode and what you saw was real.
    Political point that no one is covering……
    Carter’s mess up by boycotting the 1980 Summer Olympics in Russia was done as a distraction to his screw up in Iran.
    Don’t forget the Russians went into Afghanistan out of fear over the rise of radical Islam on their Southern Border.
    Now 24 plus years later our Democrat Foreign Policy is thriving all over the world from Sochi, to Kabul to Lake Placid to Rio de Janeiro
    Bur don’t worry, our august DC representatives there will suethemall, himeslick up pork and murph us safe from ourselves.
    2014 should be our year of Olympic efforts, using Bode as an example that real people exist and can persevere. By the time 2016 Olympics Torch is lit will its carbon emission be taxed or will we return to a Republic or remain a Fiefdumb.
    Get real, we are the ones who should be crying.

    GO USA

  5. Maybe we can ask Walt to comment on the goings on at the Olympic Village as reported by The Onion.

  6. peeved

    On this Presidents’ Day, let’s give props to Barack for undergoing rigorous questioning by Charles Barkley. Obama was particularly adept at answering the deep hot button question: “are you a typical sports parent”?

    What I’d give to let Walt compose the questions for Barry. I bet Barack can’t even name all the presidents, in order.

  7. Fox

    Couldn’t agree with you more, Chris. Both for the London Olympics and for Sochi I’ve managed to watch live host country coverage of the opening ceremonies to avoid the inevitable edits, snide comments and delayed broadcasts for US TV. Because of websites such as Hola the days of geographic restrictions on viewing overseas TV may be limited.

  8. Cos Cobber

    As I get older I actually find the background stories on the athletes interesting. I like the greater context.

    On the other hand, I wish NBC’s Olympic website – supposedly maintained from Blachley Road in Stamford – was actually useful. Its very difficult to navigate and basic info on the full results is hidden.

  9. Cos Cobber

    And as for the Bode Miller interview – yes – the interviewer pushed too hard – but overall – any outrage over this is overblown. Bode agreed to join the set of NBC’s late show last night….I didn’t stay up to watch it. Don’t think he would have come on if he was really bothered by it.

  10. Greenwich Gal

    Don’t blame the reporter here – she is a friend of Bode’s and a skier herself. She was doing what comes naturally as a friend first and reporter second. They could have edited it out but chose not to. Blame the producer for airing it.
    Still – this is why people watch sports – for the human drama of it all – otherwise it is just bodies sliding down a hill or putting pucks into nets…right?

  11. Anonymous

    Nothing makes me more angry in Olympic coverage than when a reporter first asks any “Silver” medal winner if they feel lousy because they didn’t win Gold….and the same question for the Bronze winner on the Silver.

  12. Drag in Jim McKay

    NBC jumped shark when the ABC to NBC transition Olympic coverage brought in the almost dead Jim McKay. Some things need to be left in the pasture. I loved Jim, but his time had come. Watching an old guy (like Bandstand leader on New Years) is just punishment for the audience.