Road report

Burying Hill Road

Burying Hill Road

While Walt is stuck in Yugoslavia watching the Chex battle the Souvlakis to determine who gets to the hokey semi-finals, I have braved the roads to give more local information. Greenwich-maintained roads are clear while the Post Road, which the state claims jurisdiction over is as usual, a mess. Red headed stepchild syndrome. There is (was) a car stuck in a snowbank at the intersection of Rt. One and Lockwood Lane, which is bad timing on the driver’s part; I have a tow strap on order precisely to lend a hand in such situations but it’s not arriving until tomorrow, so I just flipped the guy the bird and continued on my merry way. Slow down, sucker!

In any event, the snow’s already tapering off and the schools remain closed, for some inscrutable reason.


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11 responses to “Road report

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    It’s not February Vacay Break in Greenwich?

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    I am not stuck in Yugoslavia. I am stuck in some commie chick who moans in a language I don’t understand. And that I have no desire to learn. They look like sweat hearts, but sound like pit bulls. And they become pit bulls when they age. Seriously.

    Anyhows, the sputniks beat the Norwegians 5 to 1. The Norwegians never showed up. But I expected that. NAME ONE THING THE NORWEGIANS HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THE PLANET? Mittens? Give me a frigging break.

    Bobsledding is on now. A manly sport.

    And watch this video for some winter morning fun laughs. I have scientifically concluded that women find farts funnier than men. IT IS A SCIENTIFIC FACT!! Could it be twice the pleasure, twice the fun? Just wondering.

    Your Pal,

  3. Anonymous

    Greenwich had all of last week and yesterday off for winter break so we don’t have to share the slopes or the beach with the rest of the country this week.

  4. Riverside Chick

    I just got a recorded call from the Town of Greenwich about a 19 year old who left his house this morning and to look out for him. They said he was not dangerous but he was not dressed for the cold weather-just thought this was odd-more to the story?

  5. Riverside Chick

    Yes hope they find him . Message said last seen on Wesskum Woods rd and he lived on Birdsong.

    • Not that I’d wish the experience on anyone, but the best side of our police force is seen when they go looking for someone in trouble. We experienced that with a family member who wandered off a couple of times and it was unbelievable the compassion and the overwhelming response the GPD showed. Good people.

  6. Anonimo

    They found the kid spray painting the inside of a neighboring vacant house on the market. Probably a realtor.