She’s back, and just in time



Salvation is on the way

The First Lady has returned from her latest vacation and on Thursday we taxpayers will be paying her way to NYC, where she will appear on a comedy show, do a bit of fundraising and, just to make sure the whole gig gets charged off to us, do a public service announcement on the importance of drinking enough water.

If only you could make this stuff up.


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7 responses to “She’s back, and just in time

  1. Mark B.

    Let me be the first to say, “Nice jugs”.

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    If only you could make this stuff up.

    She does. All the time.

    O/T Up for some Macro-Aggression later this week?

  3. Cobra

    Another upstanding Democrat (and a Harvard grad, not surprisingly) in the news. Pardoned by sympathetic Clinton back in 2001, he’s back to his old “tricks,” so to speak:

  4. NoGolfToday

    Speaking of jugs
    They are on full display down here in SB
    Still no sign of Steph, but then again, she’s part of the two week minimum Xmas crowd that can afford to pay triple.

    • another starbucks 4 me

      are you looking on flamands beach for her? maybe lunch at sand bar in st jean. what beach are you on?

      • NoGolfToday

        No sign of her anywhere.
        We’ve already hit st. Jean, colombier, lorient, shell, grand fond, and saline 2x

        She’s probably back in Palm Beach
        Polo is warming up down south