Two countries

The latest Gallup Poll is out, with these results. Notice where global warming isn’t, where immigration reform places, and how many Americans are worried about education or gun control. Then consider what Obama has spent the past five years “focused like a laser” on. Disconnect.

You’ll be relieved to know, by the way, that the First Lady and the kids have finished their three-day ski vacation in Aspen and got back in time for the girls to return to their private school.



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7 responses to “Two countries

  1. EOSredux

    That same poll said only 22% of Americans think the country is headed in the right direction. Of course, of coouuurse, the only network that will mention this number is Fox. That’s a whopping 78% of Americans who think this country sucks with Obama as president. You can’t see me, but I’m raising my hand in that poll!

    Kerry is calling people flat-earthers and wondering why Assad isn’t playing nice. No one is covering the violent protests in Venezuela. Billionaire Tom Steyer is giving $100m to fund a climate change initiative, meanwhile his NextGeneration PAC fund is so heavily into Hillary as the next President, they can’t contain themselves. UConn coaches get fired.

    The only good I can see is that Jimmy Fallon is the best thing to come down the road since Johnny Carson. His debut last night was wonderful; he was having a hard time in the opening from not crying – so humble, so appreciative, in love with his wife and new baby, thanked his parents. How utterly refreshing.

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    It’s not just SCoaMF. Lurch is equally stoooooopid for following him.
    That said, wouldn’t it be a cranking hoot if Obama is really a deep cover Republican penetration agent inserted into the Democrat party to destroy it from within????? I’d have to re-assess my opinion of him if that’s the case.

  3. Anonymous

    come on guys…the country is cranking along and the equity markets are about to make new highs…

  4. I knew Greenwich Hospital Surgery sucked but ....

    You know surgery at our fabulous hospital sucks when Dr. Bruce Molinelli, head of staff, no longer does general surgery and now does Urgent Care instead in New Haven. Man, did Bruce’s referrals all dry up? Now he sees coughs and colds instead of appendicitis and gallbladders? Sad really.

    By the way, can anyone answer the question why Mr. Corvino gets over a million dollars a year and his administrator friends get 6 figure salaries when the Greenwich Hospital lays off 70 employees last year? Can we do better for a lot less. Greenwich really is a screwed up town.

  5. Fox

    Given those poll results I guess global warming, sorry, climate change, is the number 1 government priority in Pajama Boy Nation?

  6. Libertarian Advocate

    In fact “Globull Warming” and ObamaKare are reflected in the poll. The numbers are just cloaked within the two leading concerns listed as 1) Unemployment/Jobs and 2) Economy in General. The proggies are in a panicked tizzy. SCoaMF’s EPA regs regulating coal have already had their negative pricing effect causing sharp residential and commercial electric bill spikes. ObamaKare has already cost jobs and drastically shrunk incomes as well as destroyed personal budgets with the spikes in insurance coverage. I’m willing to bet that the Botox Bitch now wishes she’d read the bill before she jammed it down our throats. Too late for that Nancy…. enjoy the ride.