Another independent bites the dust


Round Hill Partners International Headquarters

Round Hill Partners International Headquarters

Round Hill Partners has been sold to Coldwell-Banker. I got my start there and I really liked its people, but the days of small firms (except for Lockwood & Mead and David Oglivy & Associates, of course) are over.


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17 responses to “Another independent bites the dust

  1. Walt

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    Your Pal,

    • they created the Foreskin Awareness Project. that might be a good thing.

    • Anonymous

      Walt forgets his history. Canada took the last Olympic Hockey Gold over the US in 2010 while Ryan Miller cried in the final game. Not to mention, that for the most part, the US roster is mostly second tier NHL players vs Canadian roster. Oh and ask any independent historian, the US lost the war of 1812, ten American armies crossed into Canada and all were driven out.

      • Talk about forgetting history! The Canadians snuck into Washington, burned Dolly Madison alive and then fled north with the Americans in hot pursuit. We conquered them in ten days and then, looking over what we’d won, we gave it back and returned, detouring to burn down their Alamo just to teach those canucks a lesson.
        All of which explains why Canadians today speak French and chew donuts, not Spanish and not enchiladas.

    • Anonymous

      Poutine, great beer, and its true what your friend says aboot Montreal – C’mon Walt, you gotta love Canada, Eh? Oh yeah, and Neil Young, and awesome comedians and the Canadian Mounties.

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    On January 27, 1980 the Canadians helped CIA to evacuate some of our diplomat hostages from Iran. That’s a contribution.

    On the other hand Labatt’s beer is not a contribution.

    • Anonymous

      It’s probably safe to say then, that you’ve never had Labatt Porter Cream Ale, very similar to Guinness Stout, only much, much better. It’s pretty easy to find in Québec, elsewhere not so easy, if not impossible, to find.

  3. EOSredux

    > How do these mergers take place?
    > Do the big guys come knocking on the door of the independents and make an offer?
    > Who gets to vote yea or nay – only the principals, or the entire firm?
    > What’s in it for the little guy to be bought out?
    > Is there a financial advantage to being folded into CW and no longer being Round Hill Partners?
    > Would they have gone out of business otherwise?

    • The mergers take place when the economics of going it alone fail, primarily because they aren’t getting enough listings.
      The principlesprincipals own the brokerage, so they get the money, not the self-employed agents.

  4. …if there is any money. 25 years ago the small firms were said to be a thing of the past. They survived and prospered long after their so-called expiration dates, didn’t they? Lots and lots of talent in those firms, still listing and selling.

  5. Anonymous

    Seems like the younger successful agents at these firms would be the logical buyers, but they are not. What’s missing? Are they trading for too much money? Any idea what the principles are getting for these companies?

  6. Anonymous

    they’re probably getting a lot of indigestion.

  7. pulled up in OG

    “The First Selectman’s office is seeking just under $9.5 million over the next two years to overhaul and expand the town’s emergency radio system to cover gaps in coverage. The radio upgrade would . . . equip 200 Board of Education employees with radios for the first time.”

    Fire Dept. brass misleading on backcountry response time requirements?

    Parks & Rec needs three more vans to clean bathrooms 7 days instead of five.