Back to real estate, I hope

6 Wykham Hill

6 Wykham Hill

As the snow melts, new listings, many returning from last year, are appearing. The snows and vacations have slowed the spring market a bit but that will change quickly.

Yesterday’s open house tour was a bust, for instance, but one home that was at least scheduled for the tour (I didn’t go, as I’ve seen it many times before) is 6 Wykham Hill, now back at $4.390, after trying for $5.8 originally and dropping as low as $3.9 (as shown in the link – I’m taking advantage of the last days of our old system to post a meaningful listing but unfortunately, it’s no longer updated).

The owner of Wykham made a bad trade when he let his agent (not me) talk him into placing a winning bid of $5 million some years back, when it was only asking $4.395 – weren’t those the days? He may have compounded that error by putting in well over $1 million in improvements, but the end result is very cool. It’s got some Merritt exposure, which I never found hugely objectionable, and at either its new price or its last price or somewhere in between, there’s a lot of house here for far below replacement cost.


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10 responses to “Back to real estate, I hope

  1. Anonimo

    That’s a lot of glitz for $4 million, particularly if you consider you get maybe three bedrooms and 2500 sq ft on Park Ave, and you also get De Blasio gunning for you. That said, not sure about Ye Olde Rustique varnished planked playroom and billiards room, and what’s with the tract house pool?

    • That’s a pool for their child- you’d probably want a more conventional pool further from the house.
      By the way, the lower level is finished out like an Adirondack lodge – works for me- fun space.

  2. Stanwich

    Anyone one know what’s going on right now in front of the BMW dealership? Looks like the entire town’s emergency response showed up.

  3. Stanwich

    This is a nice house, especially being of this vintage. The only thing that I find bothersome is the mullet treatment on the outside (all stone business up front, clapboard siding party in the back). Now a days they are bit more tactful with making the main section of the house stone both front and back and then wood siding in the wings front and back….kind of like integrating the party elements so as to not make it so Jekyl/Hyde-ish.

  4. Flash

    That house will cost you 250,000 smackaronies annual (without the nanny or live-in snow shoveler). And this winter, at the end of a cul-de-sac with a long drive, you better lay in provisions.

  5. Anonymous

    bunch of prudes with that frosted lower half of shower glass. walt would thoroughly disapprove.

  6. Anonymous

    love the trampoline in the attic, right below the cove ceiling. house must be owned, or gym used, by a midget.

  7. Anonymous

    You’ll never get bored. Do you remember the license plate game we played as kids during long car trips………………………?

  8. Annonymouse

    I just looked and the Zillow estimate is $5.96M. Yea, Zillow can overvalue houses but this seems excessive. Assessment suggests a higher price as well. Will be interesting to watch.

  9. eb

    Merritt is a huge problem at this price range. But it was a nice house when I saw it.