Contracts and sales

13 Hoover Rd

13 Hoover Rd

13 Hoover Road under contract, asking price $769,9000. Previous sales in this Sound Beach Avenue Extension neighborhood for houses of this vintage have been in the $500,000 range, so a price barrier appears to have been breached.

38 Dairy Rd

38 Dairy Rd

38 Dairy Road has finally sold for $1.8 million, after starting off long ago at $3.495. The owner paid $1.640 for it in 2000 so his aggressive pricing might be understandable, but this is, and has always been, a land sale: the house is obsolete.

217 Taconic Rd

217 Taconic Rd

And lo, 217 Taconic Road, asking $14,500,000 finally has a contract. This too started off high: $24 million, back in 2006, but it just shows, knock off ten million or so and a house starts looking attractive. Eleven acres, 13,000 to 17,000 sq. ft. depending, I guess, on whether you include the outbuildings. Spectacular place.


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10 responses to “Contracts and sales

  1. EOSredux

    I’m holding out for the house to the LEFT of 217 Taconic, the brick Georgian at the bend in the road, still undergoing major renovations. I think it was InfoDiva who said she knew the owner or has been in it. #217 to my eye is nothing more than a wanna-be house. I wouldn’t buy it for any price.

  2. Riverside Chick

    Hoover Rd is a great starter home or home for downsizing. With inventory so low in Riverside or OG I think this is the going to be the lowest price point you will see for a while. It wouldnt surprise me if next year they could get $850,000.

  3. GreenITCH

    someone is talking ” their book “

  4. Anonymous

    i love all things taconic. price aside, what a house. what a property.

    i could spend my remaining years on that plot of dirt just fine, thank you.

  5. Anonymous


  6. Anonymous

    Raj’s partner? Who’s that, Rerun?

  7. RE Junkie

    13 Hoover Road may be benefiting from great staging and flattering photography. Love the effort that went into making an outdated small house look as good as possible–e.g., the wine glasses on the table in the tiny kitchen. Either the owner or the agent must have vacuumed the lawn and walkways, you can’t find a single stray leaf or piece of debris…well done!

  8. Anonymous

    i forget the name of the photographer who that hoover house owner must’ve used. he took pics of the house we bought too. i think he’s up in westchester somewhere.

    long story short, the guy is AWESOME at photography & staging. and then running the photos in the planomatic website is icing on the cake.

  9. eb

    Need more house discussion, Christopher. Getting a bit bored.

    • Beginning tomorrow (today – just found something of interest). While we’re seeing a slew of new listings coming on, and I’ll cover them, there were very few closings the past few weeks, which I did discuss, and a great number of contracts, which I’m reluctant to discuss after getting complaints that I kill deals. I’m dubious on that point, but I’m acting more cautiously.