Don’t think the Democrats don’t know this, or aren’t planning to fix it

Free condoms? Wow!

Free condoms? Wow!

If only this were true:

National Journal: Democrats are in denial over ObamaCare.

For nearly three years, the Democratic approach to the political unpopularity of President Obama’s health care law was denial. Deny it played a significant role in the party’s historic midterm losses in 2010. Insist, in the face of contradictory evidence, that as more voters experienced the benefits of the law, the more popular it would become. Deny it would be a major issue at all in the 2014 midterms.


For a crystal-clear sign of the political woes Obamacare faces, look no further than the ad the Democratic House Majority PAC is airing in a majority-Hispanic south Florida district that Obama carried twice. The seat, represented by freshman Rep. Joe Garcia, is one of a small handful in the country that gave Obama a larger share of the vote in 2012 than in 2008—he won 53 percent last election. It’s also one of the media markets where the Obama presidential campaign spent millions of dollars in Spanish-language ads praising the law in unequivocal terms.

This new ad, as part of the damage control, contains no such accolades. It promotes how Garcia “took the White House to task,” referencing its “disastrous” health care website. Like its counterparts, it argues Garcia wants to fix the broken law. Democratic strategists said that outside of the most liberal precincts, they can’t persuade people of the law’s benefits until they acknowledge its problems first.

The Garcia ad shows that even in an Obamacare stronghold, where support for the law ran well ahead of its national numbers, dissatisfaction is creeping up. Indeed, The New York Times reported that uninsured Hispanics were signing up for the law at “strikingly” lower rates than anticipated.

 I think the National Journal is being wildly optimistic.

Of course ObamaCare polled well among young people and Hispanics; they thought they’d be getting free medical care; once they discovered that they were expected to pay for it, their enthusiasm evaporated. And this was all as planned. ObamaCare was never designed or intended to work, it was about introducing the concept of national health care. Next step will be to complete the nationalization of our medical system and shove the entire cost into the future by issuing more debt to hide the cost.

And the Democrats will reap the benefits of this illusion.


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6 responses to “Don’t think the Democrats don’t know this, or aren’t planning to fix it

  1. AJ

    Issuing more debt to cover the cost? You’re such a dreamer: they’ll issue a GST (goods and services tax), aka a value added tax to cover the cost just like they did in Canada.

    What’s so insidious about a GST is that unlike a sales tax, which is alleviated through the use of a “for resale” tax number, and taxed only on the final retail sale, a GST is added on at every step of the supply chain, having a multiplier on cost effect.

    But of course they’ll continue to issue more debt in endless quantitative easing to our friends the Banksters, even the foreign ones, who are too connected to fail, or even just fare poorly.

  2. Greenwich Taxpayer

    It is so sad that this country is run by two incompetent parties. I think we need to bring back the Whig party. Can’t be any worse than what we have now.

    • AJ

      Actually, the country is run buy two factions of the same party (two sides of the sme coin), the Cecil Rhodes, one world government (NWO) party known as the CFR. In this short clip, Hillary spills the beans, but not to the extent of Carroll Quigly’s 1350 page “Tragedy and Hope” — available online as a free PDF or through Amazon — the ultimate insider admission of a secret global elite that has impacted nearly every modern historical event, and how the Anglo-American banking elite were able to secretly establish and maintain their global power. Much to the Globalist’s horror, he exposed the their plot for total world domination, not as a warning, but because as an insider he was proud of their plan to save (enslave) the world.

    • anon

      maybe the whoop ass party, with ted nugent as the nominee. he’s really stirred the black kettle by calling obama a subhuman mongrel. hey, if dems can call for sarah palin to eat shit and get no flack for it, why is this not fair game too? go ted!

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    There is a remote possibility that the Democrats will become so thoroughly distrusted as the result of their clusterfuckery that anything the try to sell to a massively disillusioned public will be repudiated instantly. RING. RING. RING.

    OKAY, I’m awake now.

  4. Publius

    If the government is going to provide national healthcare, it will need professionals to provide those services. Many of my friends are mid to late career doctors, nurses and APRN’s and I can only present anecdotal evidence but there will come a time in the not so distant future when there will be significant shortage of professionals at all levels and all geographic areas. We face that issue today with PCP’s in certain geographic areas of the US today. Practicing professionals that I know can’t wait to retire and are not encouraging others to follow their path, including their own children.

    The Democrats used the canard of people dying because they had no health care to push this POS bill. In reality people did have access to healthcare although it was generally through the very expensive ER venue. Hospitals in general could/can not turn away patients because of a lack of insurance. Doctors where there to provide their services. With the implementation of electronic box checking and other assorted new rules and regulations, health care professionals are now more akin to the mechanic at the local dealership performing their 50 point inspection checklist with a clip board and safety glasses.

    Becoming a doctor requires an additional 4 years of med school+ residency+ other BS, so you are looking at your early to mid 30’s before you see the light of day and perhaps your 40’s before you get your head above water. The only issue now is that the cost of med school/training keeps going up but the ability to get your head above water is sinking. Unfortunately you cannot just round up a few community organizers and pay them $10.10 per hour to perform neurosurgery. Nationalizing healthcare will in a devious fashion knock down healthcare costs because you will either wait a long time to see a doctor or you will give up because you can’t find one in your geographic area.

    I will posit that my fellow Americans will rebel at this because many users of the system have become very used to its quirks and in a nation that is aging that will tend to tip the balance towards those whom vote and those whom consume more healthcare. This is the hot stove theory in practice. Those whom were cheerleaders for the ACA are not realizing that the stove is effen hot……. Paging Dr. John Galt to the burn unit………………