Since Walt hasn’t bothered to check in, I’ll tell you myself

Hat trick

Hat trick

The Finns whipped the Ruskies! 3-1, knock Russia out of the tournament. If anyone hates Russia more than the America of 1980, it’s Finland today, so this must have been a great game.

Interesting book on the Soviet/Finn war, “The Hundred Day War”, published last year. I imagine the Finnish hockey players didn’t need to read it to get into the spirit.


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9 responses to “Since Walt hasn’t bothered to check in, I’ll tell you myself

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    Leave the reporting to the professionals. OK? You illiterate hack.

    The Swiss are playing Sweden right now in womens curling. Isn’t that the same country? I think that is against the rules.

    Team Boris Badenoff is now tied for the lead with the Neanderthals, with 22 medals each. We are just behind with 21 medals, but we have 7 golds, while they each have 6. SUCK IT YOU COMMIE BASTARDS!! The Krauts and the Norwegians each have 8 gold though.

    US Men’s hockey, the only real sport in the Winter Olympics, is on at noon today. So that is a big one. We play the Checks. Czechs? Z should never follow C in a real word, so I think we will beat this illiterate hack of a nation into submission.

    I will report back later.
    Your Pal,

  2. Finland provided sanctuary for 3 plus years to Lenin.
    They were observing freedom of speech.
    Wound up with civil war to deny the Communist fad to take over their freedoms.
    Men’s hockey is now the only real “professional sport” in the Winter Olympics thanks to the Communist definition of employment. We stood up to this including the 1980 men’s Hockey with real armatures …college students. The effort for jocks on a ride to unionize is emblematic of our Nation drifting to ‘community organization” mindset, especially in State schools.
    Proclaimed “expert” Walt….who did we beat in 1980 to win Gold?
    I was there and know the answer.

    GO USA

    • Walt

      The answer to your query, PETER F, is the Finns. Named Finns because they like fish, which as most people know have fins. Is Finn your middle name, perchance?

      Now back to your question. Most people think it was the Ruskies in the final, but it was not. And do you know who hit the winning home run against the Finns? Riddle me that BATMAN!!

      End of first period in Team USA vs. the Checks. Czechs? Plaids? We lead 3-1. A very physical game. But we have much prettier uniforms, so I think we have this one won. And who would volunteer to play goalie before they had masks?

      And why not combine pair’s figure skating with men’s hockey? Wouldn’t you love to see those little ballerina’s body checked into a board?

  3. Walt, everyone knows the derogatory term for Scandinavians is squareheads. Get with it!

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    That commie rag sheet, The Hartford Courant, wants law abiding citizens, protected by Second Amendment rights, arrested for exercising their Second Amendment rights.

    The libtards war on the Constitution is unrelenting. And can you believe our tax dollars are used to pay for this?

    Your Pal,

  5. Once

    When Stalin invaded Finnland the Finns put up such a fight that the Soviets lost 250,000 men. Finland lost 25,000. Hitler considered the Soviets to be winnable, because of the performance of the Finns, and decided to invade the USSR.

  6. Anonymous

    The Winter War, a handful of Finns best the mighty Russian Army using scout/snipers on cross-country skis.

    When spring came and everything melted, the Finns completely got rolled by Russian mechanized infantry and armor, but for a season it was David v. Goliath.

  7. Walt thanks for making sense….finns = fish…. besides the coasts they have 188,000 lakes!!!!!
    Makes Minnesota seem dry!