68 North Ridge in Havemeyer, but it will probably be gone tomorrow


68 Northridge

68 Northridge

Nice, 1958 house, in good shape but probably in need of $300,000 in renovations and expansion. I’d expand over the garage to make room for a modern master bedroom suite, maybe bump out the rear for another bedroom or two, redo the kitchen and baths, and so forth.

But it has 8′ ceilings, hardwood floors, and Northridge itself has nice views to the west. This one has a decent yard, for Havemeyer. My own clients felt too hemmed in by neighbors, but that’s a personal choice – I think it’s a very decent buy.

Unfortunately for would-be buyers, the agent, Mary Flynn, priced it at $965,000, which will almost certainly see it sell quickly. A buyer can be all in here for, say, $1.3, and do very well. Smart lady, that Mary.


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15 responses to “68 North Ridge in Havemeyer, but it will probably be gone tomorrow

  1. BigMike

    Great spot, decent yard, and yes, needs work.

  2. Anonymous

    Seems like very little inventory up to $2m.

    • Cos Cobber

      Correct. Its pretty darn thin. Many pocket neighborhoods that usually have 3 or 4 listings have 0 to 2.

  3. BigMike

    It was thin last spring too.
    We looked at places like this…there were a total of 5 maybe in 3 months in this price range.
    I think CF is right, will have several offers within a week.

    Also a tough competitor at this price point = investors.
    I have a friend who rents just down the street in comparable home for 7k/month.
    These days that kind of steady income on 1M is tough to come by.

  4. Joey

    Wow 7k to rent a house like this. That would be a great investment for the buyer

    • I don’t believe 68 Northridge could command that much rent in its present condition. It’s perfectly livable, but given layout, age of kitchen, etc., I’d guess closer to $4,500. Which still isn’t chump change, of course, but it’s best use, as I see it, is as something to build on and end up with a nice house on a very good street for under $1.5.

  5. Anonymous

    How about the water damage and seepage issue that the realtor disclosed at the open house?

    7k for a havameyer cape rent? Maybe south of the village OG makes sense.

    • It didn’t look like ” damage”, just a small leak, probably due to the grade against the house building up over the decades so that it slopes towards, rather than away from the foundation. Easily corrected, and if you want, the CT Basement proposal for a dull French drain solution is there, $9,360.
      Shouldn’t be an issue either way.

    • NoGolfToday

      South of the village OG for a rental?
      You mean a slip for your boat?

  6. NoGolfToday

    And I’m just relaying what a friend told me.
    7k/month, walking distance to Dundee
    4 beds
    2000 sq.ft
    And a decent, somewhat new kitchen.
    And yes, a cape.

    • RE Junkie

      many people are willing to pay a premium for being in Dundee’s district–plus a an even bigger one for being in walking distance

    • You should have rented him out your garage.

      • BigMike

        You can apply to Dundee
        And most that do, get in.
        Especially the ones that live so close.
        And the siblings are welcomed in too.

        And yes, Dundee is no more than an smooth 5 iron from my doorstep.
        This house will fund all my retirement golf as a sweet rental, walking distance to NMS or Dundee…tenants choice!

        • Anonymous

          So your kids can walk to either and you chose Dundee? Neat, is it preferable? How many neighboorhood kids end up applying and going would you say? Very interesting!

  7. Anonymous

    dundee’s district? Dundee is not havameyer…its deepwoods area and some south of sound beach ext. All the homes in walking distance of dundee are districted to north mianus.