All power to the federal government

Chris and I didn't risk our lives with SEAL TEAM SIX just so some local idiots could cheat workers of their fair wage!

Chris and I didn’t risk our lives with SEAL TEAM SIX just so some local idiots could cheat workers of their fair wage!

Our two U.S. senators are in Hartford today to push for raising the minimum wage in Connecticut to $10.10 per hour. Here’s their joint statement on the topic.

Apart from the absurd lie that “If passed, the bill would increase the yearly income of full-time minimum wage earners by $3,000, and add $156 million to Connecticut’s GDP”, the two clowns neglect to mention that the business of Connecticut belongs to Connecticut – neither the constitution of our state or federal government give Mssrs. Blumenthal and Murphy any authority whatsoever to interfere in local affairs.


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13 responses to “All power to the federal government

  1. FF

    That’s flat out silly, Chris. Last I checked, Mr. Blumenthal is a registered voter in the State of Connecticut, as is Mr. Murphy. They could say completely out of line things like this:

    • When they drag the U.S. Secretary of Labor into their session with union leaders in Hartford, they aren’t acting as private citizens. Surprised you can’t grasp that.

  2. burningmadolf


  3. Anonymous

    Why stop at adding only $156 million to CT GDP? Why not have a $100 minimum wage and send out GDP into the stratosphere?


  4. Same day they are cuttung pay to real soldiers. ….

  5. sunbeam43

    Closer and closer to moving out of this state……….damn near there! These two boobs, along with the boob in charge, Malloy, are ruining what CT once was, albeit many moons ago.

  6. Fox

    Add $156 million to State GDP? I wonder after some people lose their jobs and others balk at paying higher prices and either keep their wallets closed or spend their money in other jurisdictions.

    • That’s because you’re too stupid to grasp the concept. Look, here’s how it works: Fudrucker takes a dollar from your pocket and gives it to his friend Dollar Bill, thereby creating $1.50 in new wealth. Amazing!

      Why Obama hasn’t done this for our entire country is mystifying, and can only be attributed to his desire to punish America.

      • FF

        Thanks for acknowledging the $.50 that Wall Street will siphon off for their “securitization” of the “Minimum Wage High Volume Return Certificates CT-001 2014”. Why people swallow that way of “creating wealth” is mystifying. It is clearly because Wall Street wants to punish America

        • housecat

          Francis, the only reason anyone works in the Financial industry is to make money. “Wall Street wants to punish America”? Is that supposed to be funny, or did you and Dollar Bob come up with that one over Kombucha? BTW, if you think The Wolf of Wall Street was based largely on fact (vs the made-up bullshit of a Long Island boiler room con) I fear for your mental faculties.

  7. Libertarian Advocate

    What’s even funnier or sadder – depending on one’s sense of irony – is that these guys continually come out with bold face BS assertions of what any given proposal will do for the economy but their claims NEVER pan out and in fact almost always wind up COSTING the economy rather than contribute to it.

    • Cos Cobber

      They have long since learned that the media is thoroughly incompetent with economics, budgets and financial logic.