From politically incorrect speech to science, it’s the left that is intolerant

Young fascist

Young fascist

Obama had to back off, for now, sending the FCC into newsrooms (over which it has no jurisdiction) and TV stations to monitor their reporting – he’ll be back – campuses nationwide shut down debate on anything unpopular, from tracking to minimum wage, now the global warmists are petitioning the Washington Post to stop publishing any dissent from the party line. Charles Krauthammer, the latest target of these people, has the perfect response, especial considering that Obama and his mob once vowed to “remove the politics from science”:

“Is there anything more anti-scientific than scientific truths being determined by petition and demonstration?”

As an aside, while I can’t confirm that the Brad Johnson pictured above is the same Brad Johnson I found on linked in, the resume: Georgetown, Grosse Pointe High School etc. fits the profile. Note that he works for Homeland Security, the agency that’s been so busy buying millions of hollow point bullets and riot gear. Nice to know that Brad’s on the case.

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3 responses to “From politically incorrect speech to science, it’s the left that is intolerant

  1. Anonymous

    Give those editors a little bit of regulation, let’s see how they feel. They’re always writing about how businesses need more regulation, hence they should be open to regulators in the news room.

  2. Fox

    I was rather hoping the FCC would have gone through with their plans because forcing Eyewitless News to incorporate Obama’s “critical” information in their shows would have created something about as boring as an update on Soviet tractor production thus further reducing the influence of the crap media.

  3. oh, it’s just those really loud, well-funded “Dismissives” that need to be silenced – they are the ones causing all the problems. gotta love the last paragraph…