Michael Skakel will be the final defense witness


Defense Exhibit A (and B, and C, and D, and ....)

Defense Exhibit A (and B, and C, and D, and ….)

Kerry Kennedy pulls out the stops in her criminal trial. 

Kerry Kennedy’s drugged-driving trial kicked off Monday with her high-powered lawyer touting his client’s storied lineage, a point illustrated as her famed elderly mother, Ethel, made a rare public appearance – along with two of her brothers – to support her.

“She is a daughter of Ethel and Robert Kennedy and a niece of our past president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy,” said Kerry Kennedy’s lawyer, Gerald Lefcourt, to jurors in the packed White Plains court room, even adding that his “religious” client had two daughters who attended Ivy League schools.

But acting State Supreme Court Justice Robert Neary was clearly unimpressed — ordering the lawyer to start introducing pertinent facts in the case.

“Mr. Lefcourt, this isn’t evidence,” the judge sniffed.


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10 responses to “Michael Skakel will be the final defense witness

  1. anon2

    i wonder if bruce colley is there to tell the jury how great kerry is in the sack and what a hot cheat she was on her husband, now ny governor.

    once a cheater, always a cheater, whether in fidelity of marriage or in the courtroom.

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    Given the Gov’s all too apparent vile personality, perhaps it was even too much for a Kennedy Klanner to endure?

  3. AJ

    She is also the niece of former “Lion of the Senate” Teddy, a known lush, who is said to have chased women around the “Kennedy Compound” in his underwear that he had picked up at Au Bar; and who, above all, is most famous for driving his car off a bridge in Chappaquiddick after getting drunk, killing Mary Jo Kopechne. Did her esteemed lawyer Gerald Lefcourt happen to mention any of (her true bona fides/noblesse oblige) that.

  4. Anonymous

    “in his underwear that he had picked up at Au Bar” – Ted Kennedy purchased his Jockeys at Au Bar?? Grammar, people…grammar.

  5. Anonymous Citizenette

    Oh, I love it! Judge not impressed, doubtful that jury will be either. The Kennedys are everything we despise about them and oh so much more, apparently. What a boneheaded defense. If I were on the jury I’d end up hating her even more. Why didn’t she just take the freakin ticket, pay for the damage she caused and this would have ended 2 yrs ago. But NOOOOO, she’s a Kennedy.

  6. Libertarian Advocate

    Was she offered an ACD early on?

  7. Fred2

    I have to say, were I a juror that an intro like that (aka smoke & chaff) would make me take everything that lawyer said with skepticism. Apparently they have no case and are trying to distract me.

    • When you have the law on your side,pound the law. When you have the facts on your side, pound the facts. When you have neither the law nor the facts on your side, pound the table; or evoke the Kennedy name.