Canadians retaliate for invasion of 1812

Native Canadian prepares poutine

Native Canadian prepares poutine

Still smarting after 202 years over our sending troops across their border to offer them Christianity and salvation, Canadians have finally struck back and opened the first “poutinerie” in the United States – or Chicago, which is close enough. 

For readers fortunate to have avoided the Canadian national food, “poutine”, from which the word ptomaine is derived, is a combination of soggy Quebec Fries, cheese curd, flour gravy and lard, cooled to room temperature and served on a greasy  paper plate. John Candy remains its spokesman in the frozen north and has yet to lose weight on the diet, 12 years after his death.


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6 responses to “Canadians retaliate for invasion of 1812

  1. housecat

    Eh… I’m thinking payback started when they shipped the Biebs south. But I’m sure we’ll all be thanking the Canuks profusely once he launches his new career as a hip hop artiste (the reason he’s been scoping out lairs in Atlanta). Curds for everyone!

  2. anon2

    There are a couple of burger places in Brooklyn that serve up poutine (one is called Corner Burger) and there’s a Pommes Frites on Second Ave and E. 7th that had basic poutine but no fancy ones.

  3. ill-logical

    Trader Joe’s is selling packages of poutine in their frozen food section.