Cos Cob contract


28 Meadow Drive

28 Meadow Drive

28 Meadow Drive sold for full price: $799,000,in 2012 in just a matter of days. The new owners appear to have slapped down some granite counters in the kitchen and put it back on just two weeks ago for $875,00, with a contract reported today. That’s a slow way to become a millionaire, I suppose, but it does provide evidence how thin the under-one-million inventory is. I’m referring to the speed it went, not in any way denigrating the street (very nice) or even the architecture (God-awful).


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7 responses to “Cos Cob contract

  1. anonymous

    Where is the profit there? Assuming it sold at 860,000 you have $44,500 in brokers fee, closing costs from initial purchase ($5,000-ish), those granite countertops ($5,000-ish), moving in and moving out costs (ifyouarelucky $5,000-ish). That all adds up to about 60Gs. Maybe they got asking price and made a little.

  2. BigMike

    I’m surprised they didn’t start a few bucks higher..
    After commissions and improvements, it’s break even.

  3. Cos Cobber

    What? You don’t like casement windows CF?

  4. anonymous

    great location imo

  5. Stanwich

    A relative bargain. And a few bucks putting in more traditional windows in place of those crescent catastrophes and you’re golden.