In capitalism, it’s a dog-eat-dog competition for voluntary transactions; Obama’s got a better idea

He’s off to the Canadian border today to announce a competition for federal grants. Competing for dollars granted by the state and wrested from unwilling taxpayer participants, instead of from free consumers: it’s the new American way.

We’ll make ’em all beggars ’cause they’re easy to please.


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3 responses to “In capitalism, it’s a dog-eat-dog competition for voluntary transactions; Obama’s got a better idea

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    Read this. The government – OUR GOVERNMENT – is infiltrating websites to “deny, disrupt, degrade, deceive”:

    And this GET’S NO MSM COVERAGE!! Are you kidding me? NONE!! It is so clear this administration has almost total control over the MSM.

    From the article:
    “While the idea that government has paid people, known as shills, to post in message boards and other websites in an effort to disrupt conversations has long been believed by conspiracy theorists, this would seem to confirm that it’s happening”.

    I always suspected AJ was a paid government shill. Or a BOT. But. BUT!! Now I think he spouts off all these crazy conspiracy theories, coming across as a real loon, to get us off the trail BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL TRUE!!

    They are using the internet as a propaganda tool, and to harm citizens who have committed no crime, other than to disagree with them.

    It is truly frightening. BOOOOOOOO!!
    Your Pal,

    • A.J. in indeed a government agent, but that same government pays me a monthly stipend to permit him to post here, so …

      • Walt

        Dude –
        I now believe this entire blog is a creation of the NSA, in order to monitor what the 1%ers are really thinking. So that they can punish us. And not only by making us read the pabulum covered drivel that you call “writing”. They want us to incriminate ourselves, and learn what is on our mind!! This is the perfect vehicle for them to use.

        Is there really a dirt selling Chris Fountain? Or are you really Agent 69, sitting in some NSA hidden bunker somewhere, in your disgusting, skid mark stained, government issued, tighty whities? I think that is a real possibility. Who would make a “living” by selling dirt, but bash the very dirt they sell? It makes no sense. BUT IT’S THE PERFECT COVER!!

        This spy shit is making me dizzy. And FREAKING ME OUT DUDE!!
        Your Pal,