New Listings

Not much in completed transactions reported today but quite a few new listings (including retreads) are up.

46 Havemeyer Lane/ 1 MacCarthur

46 Havemeyer Lane/ 1 MacCarthur

One MacArthur Drive is new proposed construction in Havemeyer, asking $1.5 million, which sounds as though it should be in the ballpark. Readers may remember this as the former 46 Havemeyer Lane, where a disturbed son set fire to the house, with his mother inside, then shot himself.  The address change makes sense, as does razing the existing structure and building anew.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 2.22.59 PM20 Heronvue, west side off Cliffdale, is back, at $3.5 million. This was a failed spec project originally priced at $5.4 million in 2008 and then either lost to foreclosure or reclaimed, I forget which. It’s seen periods of rental occupancies and vacancies since. Last time I viewed it with a potential buyer it was in awful shape and showed the effects of long periods of neglect. It was rented after that and perhaps repairs were made. Could be a very nice, if a bit odd, house, but a thorough building inspection is advised.

14 Hawkwood Lane

14 Hawkwood Lane

14 Hawkwood Lane, off North Street, sold in 2011 for $5.695 million and, “renovated” (a flexible term, in real estate) is back on at $6.295. Open house is tomorrow, so we agents can see what those renovations entailed.

12 Ricky Beth

12 Ricky Beth

12 Ricky Beth Lane, Hillcrest Park, asks $2.193 (?) . The house failed to sell when it was asking $2.350 million in 2012 and, thanks to the Greenwich Association of Realtors new policy of erasing property histories I can’t easily took up whether the foreclosure pending at that time was completed and these are new owners, or whether the original owners held on. Irrelevant, really, to its present value, and we’ll know more about that after viewing it at tomorrow’s open house.


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13 responses to “New Listings

  1. Flash

    Ricki-Beth is a horrible name. Do you think they boast about their notoriety?
    The town has so many rules, why can’t they nix this progeny stuff?

  2. Cos Cobber

    Agreed on progeny. Other names around town of yuck….how about Memory Lane and Thunder Mountain – both back to back off Riversville.

    Thunder Mtn is fine for a place with real mtns which is not here.

    • At least those names make sense: Memory Lane leads to the cemetery, “Thunder mountain” is descriptive of the Merritt Parkway next door. “Kenmondo”, on the other hand, leaves me baffled.

  3. Anonymous

    Jofran, AnnJim, and of course my favorite, Cottontail.

  4. Guinea Road resident

    Donta forgetta abouta Spezzano Drive.

  5. Sum ting wong

    Manetti Lane..

  6. oh come on, can’t Dingletown Road get an honorable mention?

  7. Anonymous

    What’s with the loss of history feature on MLS? That’s important data that should be made available.

  8. midcountryfixer

    Josephine Evaristo Way

  9. anonymous

    Chinmoy place after the guru..

  10. Nopo chick

    Anyone w a guess on what Ricki-Beth will sell at? Seems like good condition.