Seattle’s clever plan to rid their streets of the homeless: raise the minimum wage

Shove 'em off to Buffalo

Shove ’em off to Buffalo

Seattle’s proposal to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour will force food banks and homeless shelters to fire workers, curtail services and shutter shelters.

A proposal to raise Seattle’s minimum wage to $15 an hour would force many nonprofit organizations to either shut their doors or limit their services to the disabled and needy, according to a preliminary study conducted by the Seattle Human Services Coalition (SHSC).

SHSC, which actually supports increasing the minimum wage, surveyed 29 different nonprofits within Seattle to determine these findings.

Make the environment inhospitable and move those people on out. Yippee Ki Yay!


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5 responses to “Seattle’s clever plan to rid their streets of the homeless: raise the minimum wage

  1. Riverside Chick

    In other news, Bitcoin doesn’t look so good. You mentioned this last week when the “Winkle Twins” were big supporters.

    • Cos Cobber

      Currency is all about faith. Seems ludicrous to trust a basket of currency traders to mint a community coin.

      • You mean the Fed? I quite agree.

        • On another subject. Chris, do you have “Smart Meters” in Greenwich? Mother of God, they are ungodly. I moved from San Francisco to Carmel-by-the-Sea 6 years ago for the clean air. The former CIA Dir lives here, Rupert Murdock and Condi Rice have homes. And the mayor when I arrived was former CIA. We’re lousy with CIA, you’d think it’d be safe. But they “geo-engineer” coastal weather from the Naval Base over in Monterey spraying unhealthy aluminum, barium, stronium. And installed untested “Smart Meters” that you put a EMF counter to and off the charts reading, plus banked with neighbors, so effects multiplied. Then there’s the ‘Fukushima’ fallout. But the real estate market is boomtown! Lucky for us that reading is passe. 😉

  2. George Leroy Tirebiter

    Anonymous author:

    You have two cows, you give one to your neighbor. Your neighbor has four kids. The cows are sufficient to feed each of your families. A third new family moves into the neighborhood. The families decide it is only fair to share the supply of milk with the new neighbors as well, who also have four kids and no cow.

    The community grows, as people hear of the free milk being distributed. Families grow concerned about a potential shortage of milk. The need for milk drives people to trade other things they have to get access to milk. The “price” of the free milk starts rising. The community decides this is greedy, and bans the trading of milk, as it is a fact that trading things is greedy and immoral and giving and sharing is the only moral way to act . Homes get sacked for whatever milk they have, nobody knows who did it.

    A few organized men take a stand, pitchforks in hand, and say they can solve the issue and stop the violence and greed. They call for an election to govern. They are elected for an indefinite term with 100% of the votes. Those who did not vote for them do not understand. The elected men call themselves the “Council of the people”. People who protest mysteriously disappear. The council confiscates the two cows in the interest of the people and ration the supply of milk in the interest of the people. The council denounces the fake reports of families starving, and moves to a shiny gold-plated palace. No one knows how they were able to afford it.

    A few clever men bring milk from the capitalist neighborhood nearby, which by this time has built a massive wall around its neighborhood, and which has plenty of very cheap milk supply, given the profitable investments in innovative production methods. These clever men sell it in the black market in their neighborhood. The council hunts them down, claiming these men are selfish greedy bastards and kills them. Everyone who is not a victim of starvation or murder tries to flee the neighborhood and illegally immigrate to the capitalist neighborhood so they can have cheap milk and an i-phone. The council decides people leaving will destroy their perfection of balance and decides to arrest anyone caught trying to leave for the crime of greed. The capitalist neighborhood nearby arrests and deports anyone caught trying to illegally immigrate.

    One well-fed family from the capitalist neighborhood, driven by their will to be fair and live for others, take their two i-phones and two cows, and move to a new land where they create a new “greed-free socialist society”. A short time after arrival, they give one cow and one i-phone to their new neighbors. The new neighbors have four kids and no cows or i-phones. Aliens decide the human race will never learn and put an end their experiment, killing everyone on earth. The end.”