This should surprise no one

Never say Neville again

Never say Neville again

Putin begins massive army buildup on Ukraine border. He invaded Georgia (the country, not the state – my great-grandfather participated in the latter event) in 2008 and watched to see what Europe and the United States would do. The answer was, nothing”, so he bided his time. He’s watched as the U.S. has caved on Syria, Iran and China’s claims to the eastern Pacific and knows precisely what we’ll do with this, his next step in restoring the Russian Empire: nothing.

Weakness invites mischief. When the President of the last remaining western military power begins his first term in office with a world-wide apology tour, cuts the military to a size and weakness not seen before WWII, decimates his combat generals’ ranks in a purge that would have done Stalin proud, and proclaims that we can no longer expect to exert military dominance over the world, it’s no shock that other countries see their opportunities and move in.

I’ve recommended Churchill’s “The Gathering Storm”, which recounts in great detail Hitler’s cautious testing of the tolerance of his more powerful neighbors in small steps until, satisfied that there would be no military response, he moved on Czechoslovakia and finally, Poland – I recommend it again. I’m sure Putin and his generals have already studied it.


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  1. Publius

    From WSJ

    “On Wednesday, the head of Russia’s upper house ruled out military intervention.

    “Such a scenario is impossible,” Valentina Matvienko was quoted as saying by Interfax.
    She added that Russia has no intention of interfering in Ukraine’s internal affairs.”

    I say Bullshit. Putin does not care what the Russian Upper House thinks. The odds are better than even that the Russians end up inside the Ukraine, particularly in the Crimean region.

    Full disclosure: I did not go to foreign service school or major in international studies or geopolitics. I do not speak French although I took in HS. I have neither spent my career in Foggy Bottom locked inside a bubble of foreign policy speak nor have run around apologizing for being American

  2. Once

    Russia doesn’t have to sit on the border. Because of their port in the Crimea they freely move armaments through the Crimea because they are “on their way” to the port. There are probably 5 million Russians in the US. I guess that give Russia the right to invade us too if it’s to “protect their interest”.

  3. Anonymous

    You may also recommend William Manchester’s biography of Winston churchill that deals with the same issue

    • I do and I have. After finishing Gathering Storm I turned to Manchester’s “The Last Lion” for further understanding of that era. Excellent read although of daunting length.

      • A Long Row of Candles is a tear maker too….Soviet papers released in 1998 show Stalin killed more Ukrainians than all losses in Western Europe edition of WWII including Holocaust.
        Repeat?….as we retreat from Afghanistan?
        Add in Mao doubling down on Stalin to assure success of Communism for his people but….HillaryKerryBummer “POLICY” is saving us from CO2….

  4. jB

    Those who learn from history are condemned to repeat it.

  5. Fox

    I’d be interested to know what direct threat to the United States exists whatever happens in the Ukraine. Our most immediate threat is on our southern border. That’s here in the US, remember?

    • What I see as a threat is an expanding dictatorship in Europe and another one in Asia. Charles Lindberg, Joseph Kennedy and Henry Ford, among millions of others, saw that same situation in 1930 and determined that it was none of our business. They were wrong; let’s hope you aren’t too, because, unlike then, I doubt we have the will and the wherewithal to counter when things go badly awry.

      As an aside, we are showing the same obliviousness to what’s going on south of our borders, from Venezuela to Argentina to Brazil.

      • Libertarian Advocate

        When things went to shit in 1930’s Europe, Neville Chamberlain was PM. Then he soon wasn’t and Churchill took his place 8 months in. Great men rise to the occasion. Someone GREAT will follow the idiot Obama… Odds are it won’t be a Democrat.

        • By the time Churchill took over in May, 1940, Germany had conquered Europe and Britain’s army was stuck in Dunkirk and almost lost. As it was, all its equipment and armament was left behind in the evacuation. Britain barely survived the next two years and wouldn’t have, had the United States supplied it with food and guns. Who will be around to bail us out, should Obama wreck the same havoc Chamberlin and his European counterparts did in the 1930s?

  6. Fox

    How about official obliviousness to the slow-motion Mexican invasion? We, the US taxpayers, are Mexico’s welfare system. That obscenity’s sell-by date is fast approaching.