What, he’s not good enough for the Nobel Peace Prize?


Play with me, little boy,I'll get you the big one

Play with me, little boy,I’ll get you the big one

Mia Farrow’s kid gets the “Walter Cronkite Excellence in Journalism” Award after three days on the air. I think it took Barry three months to get his gong, so I suppose Master Farrow has time.


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9 responses to “What, he’s not good enough for the Nobel Peace Prize?

  1. anonymous

    dead ringer for sinatra

  2. Peg

    No kidding, anon. Woody is this kid’s dad about as much as Mia was my mom 🙂

  3. AJ

    An Obomination, that’s what it is, an Obamination!

  4. Greenwich Gal

    Sometimes I think the world is just a big scam – with the media in cahoots, enabling all the phoniness and taking part in all the self dealing. Whatever happened to the real journalists? Journalists who exposed all the world’s corruption? These days Bob Woodward is a total tool and Brokaw has a part in Angelina Jolie’s new movie. World class reporter to corporate shill in 2 decades. Ugh.

  5. LAK

    I hope Woody Allen sues her for all the child support he paid to her for Frank Sinatra’s son!

  6. Once

    Brokaw was never a reporter. Just another pretty boy.

  7. anony

    He also stated he grew up watching Cronkite. Cronkite retired well before he was born.

    So, he’s a liar and therefore a qualified lib Dem. So far though, his ratings suck big time.

    btw, New Canaan’s Brian Williams has a high school education but was qualified because he worked for Jimmy Carter. His wife’s father was big in public broadcasting, she was from New Canaan and went to school there.