How is this murder?

pro choiceKansas man, one Scott Bolig, charged with murder for slipping abortion pill into girlfriend’s pancakes and inducing miscarriage of 10-week fetus. I’m pretty sure that this drug is available over the counter for anyone, of any age to buy and use, under the justification that a fetus at that age is just a clump of cells entitled to no special recognition as a human life. NOW, your president and every fire-breathing feminist have all insisted on this.

So I ask, how can you take a life that under current law doesn’t exist? I wonder whether NOW and the ACLU and Obama’s Justice Department will be intervening in this.

UPDATE: It seems that both federal “Unborn Victims of Violence Act” and similar state laws prohibiting the killing of unborn fetuses of any age have been upheld. The federal law, signed by President Bush, was vehemently objected to by all pro-choice groups (as seen in the poster above), so here’s their chance to re-litigate the issue. Free Scott Bolig!


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8 responses to “How is this murder?

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    Abortion is a very sensitive topic, and I really don’t feel comfortable opining on it. After all, it is about dead babies.

    Did someone say dead baby?

    What’s the difference between a Dead Baby and a tree?
    One is legal to hit with an AX.

    And why are some people offended when you make fun of dead babies, but totally OK with actually killing them?

    Riddle me that BATMAN!!
    Your Pal,

    • anonymous

      Leave him alone. It’s a sad story. He was a much-liked substitute at GHS and the kids are rooting for him.

    • Just_looking

      Does not sound right to me. A 72 yr old needed to crank one out? And he chose to do it right there in the hall? He states that he was adjusting the closure of his pants and adjusting his belt, which sounds entirely more plausible for a 72 yr old man. Should he have performed this in the men’s room? Probably, but at that age I notice many have reached a i don’t care attitude as far as their person habits.
      I suspect that the ‘paraprofessional’ that did the reporting is wrong, by mistake or on purpose I am not sure. We are in a trigger happy environment for shills like this and if the paraprofessional had something against this poor old substitute, is an easy and cowardly way to hurt them. Funny no mention of the reporters gender….

      • AJ

        Tend to agree, at age 72 most people’s sex drive has waned considerably. What was important and compelling at age 18 is not so important at age 70+. Such a compulsion for immediate gratification seems highly unlikely.