39 Doubling Road is back again

39 Doubling Road

39 Doubling Road

Fresh from foreclosure and now owned by its lender, 39 Doubling Road has been placed back on the market at $3.725 million. I’ve always liked this 1930s Spanish Revival house, and urged it on a number of clients when, with foreclosure looming, they could have snapped it up for $2.5.  Too bad.

Ogilvy & Associates listed it and sold it to one of its own clients for $6.250 back in 2007 after it had been on the market just 18 days, and that may have been unfortunate, because more time exposed to third-party buyers and their agents would probably have reached a different valuation. Whatever the proper price was then, it will probably take around $2 million to properly restore and reconfigure this house (a garage would be nice but fortunately, two unnecessary bedrooms in the front could easily be put to this use with no loss of function). It sits on great land, right next to Greenwich Country Club and is as close to town as you’d want to be, to my taste.

$3.725 is a decent deal, but I’m still sorry I couldn’t get my own clients to grab it at what would have been less than land value.


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10 responses to “39 Doubling Road is back again

  1. EOSredux

    In looking at the Zillow link with the history of its price, I got to thinking how illegal I see the new decision by GAR to quash such information, i.e times on market/off market/relisted, pricing swings. Couldn’t a buyer argue that such information is invaluable to determining price and file a FOIA request for the said data? What legal right does a buyer have to gain access to information the GAR doesn’t like to post?

  2. edgewater

    i dont think FOIA applies to private entities.

    • EOSredux

      what’s private about GAR? It’s an organization, people pay dues to join, its probably listed by Greenwich Chamber of Commerce, hence it must do commerce….just asking.

    • EOSredux

      Even one sits on the Board of the Chamber…

      Theresa Hatton
      Greenwich Association of Realtors
      40 East Elm Street

  3. Walt

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  4. i couldn’t compete with that pool

  5. InfoDiva

    FOIA gives citizens the right to government information. Zero applicability here.

  6. Stanwich

    I think two things working against this home are that it is on the “low” side of the road. This in turn makes the initial impression upon drive up a little less than a $4m “wow”.

  7. BigMike

    So, can the potential buyer park their cars over at chipster’s place?
    The Feds must have made some room in his garage right?

  8. Matt

    How about two circular hot tubs at the base of the penis pool just to complete the picture?