New listing

(Photo by Edwards)

(Photo by Edwards)

65 Gregory, Cos Cob, asking $2.375 million. I haven’t seen it, but the highest price achieved so far on this street was $1.825, back in 2011. Everything else has sold way south of there, but this is new(ish) construction and a different class. Still, there’s something about being the far most expensive house on a street that gives pause. Worth looking at, certainly, because $2.4 in Cos Cob should go a lot farther than it does in other areas.

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2 responses to “New listing

  1. anon2

    Sounds like the house has a lot for the money. Five bedrooms. Two dishwashers and a pizza oven. I’m in.

  2. BigMike

    Same money gives you two acres in hillcrest, and in old greenwich
    Or better yet, a remodeled smallish home in Riverside walk to train