Punishing the poor, rewarding the teachers union

DiBlasio starts shutting down charter schools. At least he’s doing what he promised.


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10 responses to “Punishing the poor, rewarding the teachers union

  1. farrightwing

    The Teachers Unions need to go! Charter schools are a mortal threat to teachers unions filled with deadwood.

  2. Cos Cobber

    90% of the Democratic Party mission is dedicated to protecting union labor, particularly labor funded by tax dollars. Aiding the poor is a smoke screen, and becomes a non starter if their labor doesn’t get paid in the process,

  3. Rivman

    They elected him, they get to enjoy him.

  4. Anonymous

    It is not taking DeBlasio long to convince people that he is just another corrupt opportunist who’ll do what he needs to do to satisfy his special interests. The days of politicians actually trying to better the world seem long gone. Disgraceful stuff.